The other day, Christina blogged about her day-after session. Today, I will show you more photos from this session.



I was there with Christina and James on the day of the photo shoot. I remembered it was a really foggy day when we drove into the city. Hy and I were quite disappointed as we were hoping to have a sunny weather. When we reached the beach, the weather was still really bad. It was really cold and foggy. However, when Christina and James were ready for the photo shoot, the miracle happened! The sun was out and the color of the sky was unbelievably romantic and beautiful. Look at the beautiful sunset color~


We were just really blessed on that day ~ Praise Lord!


For this location, we were just chasing the sun to see if we can reach Crissy Field before the sun set completely. Then, Hy made a sudden stopped and ask James and Christina to hop out of the car for this one quick shot. I was like .. “Middle of the parking lot? Are you sure?” Turned out really amazing! Out of all people, I should of know better not to question Hy’s judgments 😛


Then we got this perfect sunset color we always wanted with Golden Gate bridge as background.



I wouldn’t call this session a ‘trash the dress’ session, the dress was still too clean 🙂 We gotta get it more dirty next time around 😉


Thank you Christina and James for being such a great model for us!


I went on a SF Treasure Hunts as a team building activity last Friday. The goal was to resolve some puzzles together as a team (to stimulate team work). We were given 16 clues with 16 ‘treasures’ to find. We were given a ‘boundary’ on the map, from Embarcadero, to the Financial District, to China Town, to North Beach. From the 16 clues, we were supposed to figure out 16 locations within the map boundary and to hunt 16 ‘treasures’ from those 16 locations. Time bound was 3 hours to figure out the puzzle, including figuring out what cross street to go to, walking to the locations, and finding the treasures.

Working with HyStudio, I thought I knew the city inside out. Hy and I had drove around the city numerous times to scout out locations in the past years. Yet, last Friday, while walking on foot the street of San Francisco, I learned that I knew so little of the city. The 16 locations where the treasures were hidden, some were located in famous cross streets, some were located in narrow dead-end alleys with names that were unheard of. My team and I would turn a corner and arrived at a totally different world. The hills went up and down, scenes in front of me defines San Francisco in one way, scenes from afar defines the city in another way. In the midst of literally running cross the city and yelling over the crowd to get my teammates moving in the same direction, I was awed with what the city has to offer.

Last night, Hy finished Camille and Michael’s Day-After photo slideshow. Again, I was awed with how beautiful and dynamic San Francisco is through Hy and Frank’s lens. I am going to let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy ~















Thank you Camille and Mike for putting your full trust on Hy and Frank! You two are such a pleasure to work with.

Girls, if you have a tight schedule on your wedding day, do consider having a ‘day-after’ photo session. It’s a great way to capture that beautiful gown and a relax way to enjoy the creativity of HyStudio portrait shots! Check out our past Day-After portrait session here:

I love working on “day after” photos. The bride and groom always look more relax in the photos, full of love in their eyes and just enjoy the day. There is no pressing for time; no worries of what may got on the gown. The stress of big day is over, upcoming the beginning of new chapter of life together.

Here are very few teaser shots from Camille + Michael’s ‘day-after’ session. I am keeping all the real cool ones for later. Be sure to check back with us.  I chose the following three, they are just simple, classic and elegant photos.



Out of 3, my favorite is this following one. And guess who took this: Frank!! So, mr. & mrs. of 2008, book Frank fast before we move up his package pricing 🙂 Frank always find ways to out-preform himself!

Congratulations Camille & Mike. I know you are probably still having lots of fun at your honeymoon! Hope these photos bring smiles on your face.

The photos I show you couple days ago were actually the 2nd part of Lien and Binh’s Day-After photos. Today, I am show casing the first session. Let’s start with 2 photos.

*** BTW, big warning about this post: “Thou shall read the blog text end to end” 🙂 ***



Hy and I had always told our clients that we are willing to try new places. It’s fun for us. Lien and Binh asked us if we want to go to Europe for a photo session for some old castle photos. Sure, why not. Hy and I want to work on the destination wedding side of business for 2008, Europe is a perfect start.

We searched the web for Lien’s requirement, red brick castle. Salses Castle, France came up. (Be sure to click on the link to see the beautiful Castle in full view!). After couple email exchanges, we decided on the location. I was very excited!

So, Lien, Binh, Hy, Frank and I went on the HyStudio private jet and arrived the shooting location. Before I go on more with my STORY, let me show you couple more photos from the session.




Ok girls.. by the time you read about HyStudio private jet, you should be very suspicious .. LOL ..

Please excuse me for misleading you for a short paragraph read. My story is simply a fantasy. It would be very nice to have a HyStudio private jet. But it’s very far fetching and a luxury we don’t need in our simple life. Hopefully the destination wedding part is something achievable in 2008.

I do have a point to make for this little dreamy sidetrack.

San Francisco is just so BEAUTIFUL and dynamic! Lien and Binh’s photo session is taken right locally at SF city. We are very fortunate to live in this area. They didn’t have to go all the way to France for artsy unique photos, though I believe all of us wouldn’t mind the traveling. 😛



If you read all the way here without getting distracted by Hy & Frank’s beautiful work or Lien & Binh’s perfect modeling, you deserve to know the truth:

Lien asked Hy and I whether there are locations that we wanted to do but haven’t had a chance. Sure, I have a long list. Some nice historic site south CA, Vegas stripe, Grand Canyon, Bora Bora, Egyptians dessert, icy Glacier, the unrealistic remote location list go on and on. I just couldn’t think of anywhere locally.

Lien came back with this location! I was like, “WOW.. how can i forget about this location.” Hy and I did a scout trip around SF 2 years ago. We both found this spot fascinating. I remembered we told each other, it would be really cool if a bride wants to do photos here. But chances are slim, we thought, cuz it does feel kind of spooky inside.

That was 2 years back. Lien actually brought back that memory. And look at what Hy and Frank created 🙂 I couldn’t be more proud.


Mr. & Mrs., hope you two enjoy this set as well. Thank you for contributing to this creative process. We really had fun ~


And 2008 brides, I am serious about the destination weddings in 2008. Come talk to us!

I am so please to show case HyStudio’s first ever “Day-After” photo session.

Let’s start with a sexy photo of the newlywed.

Not only Lien and Binh are our depute ‘day-after’ photos newlywed, Lien and Binh are also extra special to Hy & I in many ways. Part of it, Lien, Binh, Hy and I have something big in common; we all had our wedding reception at Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Another part of why they are special, I will save that big story for Lien & Binh’s wedding photo post. Stay tuned ..

Many of our faithful blog readers may wonder, where is the wedding pictures, we don’t remember seeing wedding photos.

And you are right.

Hy and I are still working on the wedding photos. 😛 The wedding was filled with so many beautiful details that it’s going to take us a while before we can finish.

So, then you ask, why am I showing the ‘Day-After’ photos before I finish the wedding day photos.

Because .. because .. because I just can’t wait that long, girl friends!!

Lien and Binh’s ‘day-after’ photos are just so sexy and romantic, I just can’t lock them on my computer and not share with you guys. I bet you girls know what I mean …

Lien picked the bridge location. Lien told me she’s just really drawn to the red bridge. Lien, did you remember we also have a red bridge shoot for your engagement? Guess you are just really into the red bridges 😉

I can’t blame her. The location looks deadly romantic.

I especially love this view. Hy can always show me views I can’t even imagine.

Lien and Binh are good sports. They look comfortable and relax in the photos, but the day is actually extremely cold and windy. But because of it’s windy, we can create the following beautiful veil flowing shots.

This last photo can be a prelude to the next teaser series for Lien and Binh. Other than the red bridges, Lien also love old run down buildings. I will have more to show next time. Have a good week girls.

Congratulations Lien and Binh!