This week, I’ve been ending my sentence w/ this sub-phrase a lot at work.

Since I got out of college, due to my visa situation, it’s always one job after another. I never take more than 1 week break in between job. And within a company, I never took a break from work for more than 2 weeks of vacation. In each of the company I work for, when I leave the company to a new job, I always get a boat load of vacation cash.

So, this concept of 2 months leave from work is so new to me. I scheduled the leave 5 days before my due day. But since it’s not up to me when my boy would decide to come out, everyday now, I am wondering, would today be the day? In my morning shower or on my way drive to work, I started to think about, ah..i better tell this person more about this situation, ah.. i need to write an email to the team on a list of action items to resolve this issue. There seems to be a lot of ‘last words’ I would like to remind people around me regarding what would I do so they can continue to execute when I am not around.

But deep in my mind, I do know, folks will be fine without me 🙂 They don’t need my last words. And I am probably more annoying than helping at this point.

To extend the concept further, last words.. last actions .. what if today’s last day I have, not at work, but on this earth. What would be my last words? Now, in that picture,.. all work stuff fade away. There’s really just one person fits in that frame (hm.. soon probably will be two), and there’s really 3 short words I have in my mind.