October 2009



Congratulations Huong & Khoi.


Venue: Harvest Inn, Napa Valley, CA
Florist: Laura Miller Design
Dress: Lazaro
Makeup: Audrey Crandell of Glowing Bridal
Hair: Deeanna Reese of It’s a Date

These days, there are so many wedding related reality TV show. If you go to TLC’s web site, there’s “Say Yes to The Dress”, “Masters of Reception”, Jun Lee Fete Events’ “Wedding to Perfection”. I’ve been trying to control myself for not getting sucked into those shows, but if I turned on TV and one of those is on, then it would take significant amount of will power to switch the channel or turn off the TV.

Hy and I have been in the wedding industry for close to 5 years now. We started HyStudio while we are preparing for our own wedding. And now, Hy and I are going to step into parenthood, another stage of life. Yet, I am still madly in love w/ weddings. For each HyStudio wedding, I would spend days looking and re-looking through each photos. They just make me happy.

Janet looked stunning in her Lazaro gown. In Janet and Jason’s wedding portrait shots, the gown was show-cased much better. I love the detailing of the gown. I wore a Lazaro wedding gown when I got married as well. There are so many great photos from Janet and Jason’s wedding. I have a hard time choosing what to show you girls.





















Congratulations Janet & Jason!


This week, I’ve been ending my sentence w/ this sub-phrase a lot at work.

Since I got out of college, due to my visa situation, it’s always one job after another. I never take more than 1 week break in between job. And within a company, I never took a break from work for more than 2 weeks of vacation. In each of the company I work for, when I leave the company to a new job, I always get a boat load of vacation cash.

So, this concept of 2 months leave from work is so new to me. I scheduled the leave 5 days before my due day. But since it’s not up to me when my boy would decide to come out, everyday now, I am wondering, would today be the day? In my morning shower or on my way drive to work, I started to think about, ah..i better tell this person more about this situation, ah.. i need to write an email to the team on a list of action items to resolve this issue. There seems to be a lot of ‘last words’ I would like to remind people around me regarding what would I do so they can continue to execute when I am not around.

But deep in my mind, I do know, folks will be fine without me 🙂 They don’t need my last words. And I am probably more annoying than helping at this point.

To extend the concept further, last words.. last actions .. what if today’s last day I have, not at work, but on this earth. What would be my last words? Now, in that picture,.. all work stuff fade away. There’s really just one person fits in that frame (hm.. soon probably will be two), and there’s really 3 short words I have in my mind.


I haven’t felt so relaxed for a long time.

Since beginning of my pregnancy, there are so much discomfort and uncertainty. Work has always been more demanding than ever. Due to the economy, the weather in the Internet industry has been changing all the time this year. First trimester, I was trying to keep things low key w/o folks around me noticing. Eating healthy snacks through the day (I usually don’t have time to snack at work), sleep long hours, yet work 7 days a week so I can cover my normal long hours and yet, get enough sleep so I don’t appear sick at work. Second trimester, unlike most woman experiencing a break in the middle, my boy moved a lot since he’s really small and gave me a lot of discomfort. But at least, I was able to talk to folks at work about the baby and start training my replacements for my 2 months maternity leave. I spent most of my third trimester racing with time. I personally know 5 pregnant ladies who supposed to give birth month between month of Oct and Nov, 3 delivered 4-5 weeks early in this month! I worked long hours for many weeks so I can get stuff all planned before I leave them to my colleagues.

Finally, I am at ease now. I got what I wanted to finish today!

I finally have some time for myself and my baby. I feel if my baby comes tonight, I am ready to give my thoughts and my mind to him. And hopefully, starting today, I get to start blogging again more regularly until the delivery date.

This morning, I got the weekly email from the hospital w/ tips and information regarding what to expect on the 37th week of pregnancy. And I just realize, hey, my boy is now full term! He can really just come out anytime now. The last piece of our nursery furniture got delivered this morning. I’ve waited for 2 months for it to delivery, but it’s totally worth the wait. If you are looking for a nursery chair, Pottery Barn Kid’s Eco Glider is really the most comfortable chair out there. Hy bought and picked up a baby-safe & friendly car this afternoon. Both of our car are 2 doors. Now we have a 4 doors car that fits family life.

There are still small items shipping to our home. But, we are ready ~! 🙂

Ann & John tied the knot last month at Stanford Memorial Church.




Congratulations ~

Venue: Harvest Inn, Napa Valley, CA
Florist: Laura Miller Design
Caterers: Feast Catering

Janet & Jason got married at Harvest Inn of Napa Valley. Since this is a venue Hy and I also considered, I would like the show case the beauty of this venue. Janet planned this wedding remotely, she did a great job selecting the right vendors to make her vision come true.




Laura of Laura Miller Design did a great job w/ the decor.




Feast Catering did an amazing job w/ food presentation.




Harvest Inn at night.