Venue: Harvest Inn, Napa Valley

Long time no chat girls. Sorry that I haven’t been good w/ blogging, and yes, there is a long queue of weddings pending. Thank you those of you who sent me emails asking how things are going cuz you haven’t heard from me for so long. I am just so busy working on a side project the past 2 months. I will tell you guys all about it once things are more into shape. But Hy and I are very excited about what’s upcoming. Now that we got the foundation done, I can get back on blogging. I promise at least one blog a week alright? 🙂

Hy and Frank just came back from a beautiful wedding in Napa last week. Hy’s still working on the photos. But I steal two from his computer tonight.



Congratulations Janet & Jason! Hope you guys had a fun honeymoon ~