Second day, Hy and I had a light breakfast at the hotel. It gave us energy to explore Paris and in our quest for the best bread store in Paris. After we exited the Metro, it took us a little while to find the street where Poilane is on. It was early morning so none of the stores were open. Even when we were streets away, we could smell the bread while we searched for the store. Opened since 1932, there were 5 bread stores on that street, now, only Poilane was still there. It was a very small bread shop, when we entered the store, there were already 4-5 sets of customer picking up breads. We bought a croissant, walnet roll, apple turn over and peach pastry. Hy and I tried croissant from all different stores. I believe Poilane has the croissant in Paris!

We spent our 2nd day mostly in Louvre Museum. We arrived at around 9:30pm. We thought there were sizable amount of tourist already when we arrived. And it wasn’t until afternoon, we found the true meaning of ‘a mob of tourists’. We were fortunate to enjoy quietness of morning when there were less tourists. We did “Masterpieces of the Louvre” Audio self-guided tour in the morning. Really enjoyed the content. We also did the “French art collection audio tour” in the afternoon.

Musée du Louvre


We had a light lunch at the Museum cafe. Salad there was surprisingly fresh and delicious. I ordered a egg sandwich that I didn’t enjoy as much. We also ate breads we got from Poilane.

In the evening, we strolled out of Louvre and head toward Place de la Concorde. There were playgrounds for kids. Also, a lot of street vendor selling Churros, Waffles and Crepe. We bought one sugar powdered covered Waffles and one Strawberry Crepe. In a cold winter, those sweets warm our hearts.

Le Fumoir

image source: http://www.lefumoir.com/photo-fumoir2/005.jpg

I am really attracted to books. Drinking late afternoon coffee in a room surrounded by books was heavenly idea to me. Hy and I arrived Le Fumoir late evening. It was crowded already so we couldn’t get seated at the book room. Regardless, both of us really enjoy the atmosphere. After a full day of walking in the Museum, it was nice to rest our feet and have some drinks before dinner.

We had dinner at a place that we didn’t enjoy as much. It serves Provence (southern France) specialty. What we ordered was a bit too heavy for both of us. First byte tasted delicious, but finishing the entire plate was way too heavy. The restaurant was fine, it just doesn’t fit our taste bud as much. I was also still tired from the traveling, I almost fall asleep in the restaurant. Fortunately, Hy saw my condition and finished his food fast enough we get to go back hotel pretty soon before I made a fool out of myself 😛

Stay tune for Day 3!