Valentine’s day 2009.

It was a rough week w/ tons of work for both Hy and I. Last night, we started our long weekend w/ a long night of sleep. This is our 14th Valentines together. OMG .. We are so old!!

Didn’t plan much today. In the morning, we went to pick up the sofa we ordered last weekend. Since then, Hy’s been cleaning up the reading room (also his photo room), so we can move our new sofa in the room. Next up on the reading room project would be lighting and window treatments. I can’t wait!

While Hy’s busy cleaning the room, I spent time enjoying a slideshow Hy sent me on Friday (I know, not the best wife in the world). Hy’s been working a personal website w/ photos he took for his own entertainment: Friday, Hy sent me this slideshow of our ’08 Christmas trip to New York and Paris. They were good memories. I still wanted to move to Paris. I wished it would be easy to just drop everything here.

Here it is, Click on the photo to Play. Don’t forget to turn on your speaker.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Good luck to those of you girls who are expecting a ring tonight 😉