We are back ~

After a month of allowing our souls to drift and breathing aromas of different islands and cities; from the sunny, warm, moist Kauai to the cold and damp New York City to the dry and freezing Paris; now, we are back home, to the Sunny California.

In Paris, we both have thoughts of immigration. “We can both find jobs here, right? They must have tech jobs here!” We asked ourselves. Whatever jobs there are in Paris, we will labor for the city’s romance, its coffee and bread. We can sell our house back home, find a little cheap apartment at the outskirts of Paris, attend the language school for couple months. We have enough saving for that. While we study in the language school, we will have time to enjoy the city’s museums, croissants and cafes. Then we will tour down south to Provence, Nice and maybe even Barcelona, Spain. Then we will both find jobs and settle down, and start a new life.

Dream will always be dreams without action. So, now we are back home. Back to our old jobs. Seal our lust together with all our wonderful memories in a bottle.

This is the first Christmas since we dated back in school days that we were out during the vacation. We’ve always celebrated Christmas at home w/ family, friends and our church body. 2008 was our first time we celebrate Christmas by ourselves. We were at NYC for 3 days before we head to Paris. We enjoyed the Christmas decoration of the Big Apple. But I have to say, Christmas in Paris is deadly romantic. Though there were no snow during our stay, I would say we had 6 days of white Christmas. The French surely know how to create art and beauty. All the lights are different color and shades and shapes of white. The lighting creates an illusion of snow drifting down the sky, from the trees, down to the street. I so wish I can capture our experience in a crystal ball that I can replay it over and over again.

There are so much to say about this trip. I spent lots of time planning. For all my effort, I would definitely share them with you all when I have a chance. This afternoon, I went through Hy’s photos from this trip and trying to have a photo float up for this blog. Then this one capture my mind.


This is a photo inside a metro station in Paris. During our 11 days trip, no matter we are in NYC or Paris. We spent so much time in the subway/metro. It took us to places. But when you freeze time as Hy did here, the speed of it, just like our trip, our life, zoom in and out, before you can catch and seal it, it’s gone: those memories.

Well, no help to keep on looking backwards. First thing when I came back home, unpack, put my two France tour books away. And take out tour book of next dream destination: Japan. There are many things Hy and I are looking forward to in 2009. There are new days, new hopes, next level of our own relationship, new people we will meet and new places we will go.

May your life continue to cross with ours, in real or virtual life, for 2009 and beyond. Happy New Year!