“the pain passes, but the beauty remains” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Yesterday was a painful day for my full-time work place. There was a workforce reduction. It was sad to see our colleagues go, some of whom we worked together for a long time.

Hy took me out full day yesterday so I don’t get stuck in the hotel room whole day thinking about what went on. I was quite upset that I was away and couldn’t be w/ my team during this tough time.

Kauai has the ability to absorb pain. On a foodie discussion board, there was a post about restaurant comparison between Kauai and Maui. One reply said, if you are at Kauai, food is the least of your concern. Kauai provides beauty and peace, that you can’t find in Maui, which is quite crowded by tourists. It’s quite true. Hy took some really nice photos for some of the locations we were at yesterday. We will show them when we get back.

This post is for those of my dear colleagues. For those who ended their journey w/ us, may the pain ease and may you find beauty in the journey head. For those of us who remains, may we be able to find support and comfort in each other.


You will be missed ~