Blogging right from the Kauai Coast : -)

Today’s day 1 of our Kauai trip. We spent most of our day in the air, transiting through Honolulu airport. During the trip, I get to read through a good Paris portion of JBT Corporation’s France travel book. I am reading a Chinese version of travel book about France published by a Japanese travel agency. Why so complicated, you may ask? Comparing to the English version of France Eyewitness Travel Guide, JTB’s publication has way more details about how an independent traveler can move around in a foreign country. One explanation I heard is that Japanese hates to be humiliated, so their travel book is very detailed so an individual traveler can be as prep as he/she can be before stepping out of Japan. I certainly felt more confident about my trip. i will share more about my trip planning tomorrow. Now, I need to hit the sack.

No blog goes w/o photos. Here’s another fall photo (location is Silicon Valley).