This morning, I struggled to wake up at 7:15am, as I went to bed at 2am the night before. It took me 2 full hours to drive to SF for my 9:30 Visa appointment at the France Consulate. I had to wait for a while for the receptionist to walk through the Visa application data. After I finished my finger print, I waited for 1 hour to pick up my visa. I thought the personnels are polite and professional. However, comparing to India embassy, India embassy is much more efficient. You can come back to pick up the visa any time after certain hour. You don’t have to wait in the room to get your visa. I was surprised how many people just sit around and waited like it’s normal. I was totally late for my meetings at work and I spent my hour waiting reading documents from work.

Besides the painful drive to SF and little annoyance of full morning gone, The process was smooth. Yes I got my Visa! Woohoo ~ Hy didn’t have to apply because Hy got US passport. Those of you girls who are citizens who can vote and have US passport, you should know how fortunate you are.

Paris aside, in couple days Hy and I will be at Hawaii zipping Pina Colada for a week. 😀 I gotta work hard tonight to get things wrap up at work. tic toc tic toc