Thanksgiving day is about giving-thanks. For me, it’s few precious moments in a year when I can just be a regular house wife: going to supermarket, doing laundry, and cooking for my husband and the family.

This Thanksgiving, Hy and I hosted a Persian Feast. We tried out Persian beef & chicken kabob recipes from my Iranian coworker. The food was delicious!






The night ended w/ sweet roasted Acorn Squash.

The Persian feasts looked fancy and complicated, however, the recipe was extremely simple and delicious. We got the sword looking skewers from International Food Bazaar. You can search for recipe for both chicken and beef kebabs right of the Internet. And in no times, delicious food are on the table. I also made saffron steamed basmati rice to go with the BBQ. Thanksgiving dinner was a success.

While I was busy with my hands, my brain did’t stop. Wed night, Hy and I watched the movie “Iron Man”. With a engineering background, it excites me to dream about possibilities of engineering. I am also in the middle of a novel, “The Swarm“, written by a German author, Frank Schatzing. Though it is a fiction, it made me more aware of our environment and gave me a slight glimpse of what environmentalists are worried about w/ our earth. The novel was a exciting and thrilling read if you enjoy wide range of topics.

During thanksgiving break, Hy also put up couple more frames w/ his nature work. Now our walls looked more complete. I can’t wait for our Paris trip during Christmas time. I know we will have more beautiful photos to display at home.

Happy Holidays ~