Sat. afternoon, Lucy and Paul dropped by with their 1 year old son Christian. Lucy & Paul were HyStudio 2005 bride & groom. 2005 was HyStudio’s first year in business. We were thankful that Lucy & Paul believed in us and allowed us to participate in their big day. It was first time we met w/ Christian. He was a very cute, energetic and active boy. Christian and I had fun playing ball in our living room.

Paul just started a wedding photography business as well. Hy and I shared a lot of our experiences w/ both Paul and Lucy. This past 4 years, we were just very thankful and were truely blessed. We worked hard, but without doubt, we believed what we achieved is really God’s blessing. We were provided w/ opportunities and really nice brides and grooms that we truly enjoy working w/. Many had become life time friends.

Sat. evening, Hy and I walked around Berkeley campus after watching the Big Game (on TV). On campus, there were a portrait wall that displayed photos from a photo booth set up by Christopher Irion. It was set up for a fund raiser campaign called ‘The Campaign for Berkeley‘. According to the website: the campaign’s theme — “Thanks to Berkeley…” — invites the Cal community to join together to express pride and gratitude for all that Berkeley does to create opportunity, transform lives, and make a better world.