Photo from our Atlanta trip earlier this moth

Hy and I just finish packing for our trip to Chicago. We will be flying out later tonight. I’ve yarned for the quick get away since our last trip to Atlanta, which was just couple weeks ago. Makes me think that I need a longer break (ie., 2-3 months will be good). Constant pressure and stress from work doesn’t do any good to a young (really not young any more) lady.

I felt utterly not prepared for the Chicago trip though. I am the trip planner in our house hold. I usually do my trip planning to the meals (cuz both Hy and I are foodies). But for this trip, I haven’t gotten any chance to do such planning. I guess I will catch up on the trip planning on the long flight. This is my second time to Chicago, but Hy’s first. So, hopefully we will do some sight seeing, have some great food (Chicago Pizza!) and enjoying a night of blues.

My next trip planning exercise will be a Hawaii trip in December. We will be going to Kauai island and Big island. This will be a full week trip and we will be meeting up w/ friends there. Another exiting event to look forward besides the Election and Thanksgiving in Nov..

Have a nice weekend girls. I know Hy and I will.