With economy growing weak, I am trying to love myself more (instead of working myself to dead for my day time job). This weekend, I cooked Hy many home-made meals (even with desserts)! Hy’s still recovering from his flu & fever, but he’s a happy camper w/ the food I cooked. With Thanksgiving upcoming, I am also trying out couple new dishes in preparation of the Thanksgiving dinner. This week, the organic farm delivery shipped us 2 acorn squashes. Hy and I had never cooked acorn squash, so we had to search for recipes. We end up with the “Classic Baked Acorn Squash“. It was simple, yet quite delicious!

I was reading an interview on “American Lifestyle” magazine, a gift from my realtor. There’s an interview w/ Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart regarding his inspiration and show casing some of his photographs. “There’s nothing cooler than capturing a moment forever”, Cowart said in the interview.

Last week, I was really worried about my coworker as he’s house is very close to the San Fernando fire. He’s neighbor’s house couple streets away was actually burned down due to the fire. As a house owner, I can feel his fear and worries. No matter how much fire insurance can cover, it can not replace all the memories and personal valuables the family has grown attached to in years.

A week before, Hy & Frank was at a wedding in Napa. Here’s some photos Hy capture of the fire on that day. Hy can see the fire from the wedding site. It’s scary to think about how many homes could been destroyed from the fire.