With so many gloomy news/rumors about layoffs in the Silicon Valley, I feel like I need a positive photo to give myself some happy thoughts.

So, I went digging around on Hy’s computer, and guess what I found. Some of the photos from this summer’s camping trip to Emerald Bay w/ my hubby, my beloved friend and my God son.

We arrived the camp site late Friday night, it was the Beijing Olympic opening night. We all missed the fabulous opening ceremony.

But it was Lucas’ first time camping, so Hy got to put on the fire show for him. Lucas was having so much fun w/ the camp fire.

Lucas love to toast marshmallows, but he doesn’t eat them.

Hy woke up early to take photos for the sunrise next to the bay.

A true happy camper ~

Our next trip will be to Chicago in 2 weeks. I can’t wait. I am so looking forward for the beautiful autumn color.