Many of you ask for how our 2008 album looks like, so I am going to use two posts to show case our albums.

Here is a Vertical Flush Mount Coffee Table Wedding Album we offered. Serena, our professional HyStudio in house album artist designs the layout personally. Hy does final touch up and quality control. Then we cycle the layout to our bride for confirmation before we send the layout for our album provider to print and bind. Please also check out our horizontal Flush Mount Coffee Table Wedding Ablum.

Here’s Annie & Seiki’s wedding album at Thomas Fogarty Winery at Woodside. See my previous posts on their weddings: Thomas Fogarty Winery Wedding Photos Part I, Thomas Fogarty Winery Wedding Photos Part II.

These two weeks are crazy weeks for Hy and I. Hy & I were at Atlanta last weekend for a wedding. Monday night, I was at St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco for my company’s annual award ceremony dinner. I was receiving an award myself w/ a ball room of people from different parts of the world. I got to shake hands and have quick chat with some of very famous names in the Internet world. And guess what, what’s amazing is I got to meet w/ my idol wedding photographer in the bay area! This is the first time we met; but I’ve seen her photos on her blog. I recognized her on the spot (because I am her faithful blog stalker). I was so excited as she was the photographer of this event. I told her I was a super fan and took a picture with her, if I could of print the picture out right there, I would of ask for a signature. My coworkers are all in shock as my reaction toward meeting her is way bigger than my reaction of receiving the award 😛

This Friday, Hy and Frank will be heading out for a wedding in Napa as well. What an exciting and busy week for all of us. I can’t wait for the rush to stop so we can take some time off and enjoy a quiet winter 🙂