Minling has been the editor in chief for HyStudio for 2 years now. And this year .. it’s finally her turn 🙂

Minling picked a very romantic and grand location for her engagement pictures: The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. We went there on a Sat. afternoon. While 3 of them are busy with photos, I enjoyed an afternoon of reading and zipping afternoon tea. The hotel is a beautiful location for a quick getaway.

This photo of Minling & Tak is super cute

Minling, being our innovative editor in chief, always wanted to incorporate the cotton candy in her photo. We took couple photos with the cotton candy.

Inside Ritz

Lastly, my favorite, love the reflection!

BTW, after the engagement session, we went to Old Port Lobster Shack at Redwood City for dinner. Gotta check it out, it’s soo yummy!

Congratulations Minling & Tak. Can’t wait till your big celebration!