Venue: Garre Vineyard & Winery
Florist: Nicole Ha
DJ: Aaron Dalugdug
Cake: Jen’s Cake
Videographer: Nam Nguyen, Clean White Shirt
Makeup/Hair: Anne Reyes/ IBA

So sorry girls for keeping this blog idle for past week. I was busy studying for a trip to Tibet. I’ve been reading a book regarding a traveler bicycling through Tibet. So, I’ve been spending some of my spare time reading up history of Tibet and scenic tours within Tibet, Kashmir in India, and Silk road of China. I probably will be visiting India again later this year after the summer cools off. So, I am hoping to get some of the trip planning out of the way.

I so enjoy looking at Hai & Will’s wedding photos I don’t even know how to start posting them on the blog. I am going to split the photos in 3 blog posts. So, I can have some time picking the good ones to show you girls.
First, the beautiful gown ~

Hai and Will put a lot of thoughts into their wedding. There were just so many details. For example, the table names. The head table is named “Romeo and Juliet” with subtitle “… You and me babe, How ’bout it? Parents sit at table “Hero”. Guest tables have names range from “You and Me”, “Magic”, “Dreams”, “Loved”, “Beautiful”, “Time”.. etc.

Getting ready

Anne Reyes from IBA did a great job with hair and makeup for Hai

The beautiful bride ~

Hai & Will decided to meet each other before the ceremony to get some fashion shots done 🙂

Doing anything fun on the 4th of July weekend? Hy and I will be at Napa this weekend enjoying the wine country, visiting some wedding sites and of course, trying out new restaurants and bring home cases of wine 🙂 I will be posing more photos over the weekend as well. So, stay tune ~

Congratulations Hai & Will ~