July 2008

I’ve heard many compliments and feedbacks with our previous wedding at Ruby Hill in 2007. You can look back to our previous blog posts on Ruby Hill Golf Club wedding I, II, III and IV.

Here’s a sneak peak of a wedding we did this year.

More to come. Stay Tuned~ 🙂


Venue: Garre Vineyard & Winery
Florist: Nicole Ha
DJ: Aaron Dalugdug
Cake: Jen’s Cake
Videographer: Nam Nguyen, Clean White Shirt
Makeup/Hair: Anne Reyes/ IBA

Here’s the last post w/ Hai & Will’s wedding. Here are the two previous post if you want to review all the beautiful photos in Hai & Will’s wedding:
I. Getting Ready, II. Ceremony

Let’s start with the well decorated spring color cake table:

Garre Vineyard Banquet Room

Another View

First dance:

It was a fun party ~

Hy took the couple out for some shots after sunset

One of my favorite:

Congratulations Hai & Will ~

Hy and I went to the super cool Viva La Vida concert this Friday at HP Pavilion at San Jose. Hy and I enjoyed many songs from Coldplay, so we were super excited about Coldplay’s 2008 tour. And seriously, the concert was worth every penny if you love their song! The songs were, of course, great. Stage was creatively designed. Toward the end of the concert, the band even got off stage and stationed in the audience for two songs.

While we were in the show, Hy got a text message on the phone! Amazingly, it was from our 2006 HyStudio couple Lynnette and Lovekesh! Lynnete and Lovekesh were HyStudio website’s cover couple for couple months in 2007! It was great to hear from them! They saw us while we were looking for our seat earlier in the concert. And they just wanted to message us to say they were there too! We exchanged couple message through out the concert. It was super fun to still keep in touch like this with our old clients.

Here is the shout out to our old friends from 2006~ Lynnette and Lovekesh had their wedding banquets in Hotel Sofitel of Redwood City. Following is one of my favorite photo from their wedding!

This photo of Lynnette is framed on HyStudio’s studio wall 🙂

Lynnete and Lovekesh also had a traditional India ceremony the night before their wedding!

Recently, due to some uncertainty at my work place (yeah.. my day time job, not hystudio), I spent a lot of time contemplating over leadership during uncertainty era. Though things are uncertain, I was fortunate enough to be in a group that’s still expending. However, team building during an uncertainty era isn’t easy.

I’ve been enjoying a lot of summer reading on my spare time. The other day, the following excerpt really draw my attention. It was from Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. Professor Randy Pausch is a computer science professor in Carnegie Mellon University, the context was about how Randy selects people to his research team at CMU:
“I know you’re smart. But everyone here is smart. Smart isn’t enough. The kind of people I want on my research team are those who will help everyone else feel happy to be here”

So true 🙂 The team that works is not only the team that are full w/ smart people. But a team that works will be the team where every member enjoy each other’s company! This wisdom comes extremely helpful to me as I have so many positions that I need to fill. It’s a good reminder not only to hire smart people, but hire smart people who are also humble and sincere and who’s willing to help everyone else feel happy to be in the team!

Minling has been the editor in chief for HyStudio for 2 years now. And this year .. it’s finally her turn 🙂

Minling picked a very romantic and grand location for her engagement pictures: The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. We went there on a Sat. afternoon. While 3 of them are busy with photos, I enjoyed an afternoon of reading and zipping afternoon tea. The hotel is a beautiful location for a quick getaway.

This photo of Minling & Tak is super cute

Minling, being our innovative editor in chief, always wanted to incorporate the cotton candy in her photo. We took couple photos with the cotton candy.

Inside Ritz

Lastly, my favorite, love the reflection!

BTW, after the engagement session, we went to Old Port Lobster Shack at Redwood City for dinner. Gotta check it out, it’s soo yummy!

Congratulations Minling & Tak. Can’t wait till your big celebration!

Summer time this year has been great for Hy and I. With Frank taking on couple weddings, Hy and I have some time for ourselves. This afternoon, Hy and I hosted a family BBQ. Next week, we are hosting a house party for my coworkers. For the past 4 years, we didn’t have this luxury to enjoy summer. Hy was always out almost every weekend during summer time for weddings or engagement sessions. Past years, I used the time that Hy was out to catch up on summer readings. This year, I didn’t get to read as much, but I enjoy every moment of Hy being home with me. Last night, Hy and I watched “P.S. I Love you” together. It made me realize, life could be so unpredictable. We shall treasure moments together when we can.

Last week, I posted part I of Hai and Will’s wedding. This week, I will showcase the ceremony part.

Creative flower toss from the flower girl

Garre Vineyard and Winery at Livermore is such a beautiful outdoor ceremony location

Priceless moments

Hai & Will had a very creative exit. They danced out ~

Minling, HyStudio’s Editor in Chief, and I are so in love with this bridesmaid’s dress! Nice design and color, from J.Crew Weddings & Parties!

Mr. & Mrs.

Classic Bridal Bouquet by Nicole Ha

Another Favorite

Venue: Garre Vineyard & Winery
Florist: Nicole Ha
DJ: Aaron Dalugdug
Cake: Jen’s Cake
Videographer: Nam Nguyen, Clean White Shirt
Makeup/Hair: Anne Reyes/ IBA

When Emily mentioned that she wants to take photo at Palace of Fine Art, I thought .. what can Hy do differently this time. We’ve done e-session at Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco multiple times now in the past 4 years. It will be no fun seeing the same photos.

As always, Hy can always bring back something fresh every time. I guess the uniqueness of each couple gave him different inspiration.

FYI, Palace of Fine Art is under renovation this summer. Regardless, it’s still beautiful place to visit.

I love the intimacy in this photo.

Then we headed to the cable car shoot. I always love photos in cable car. It’s so romantic.

See the reflection.

Love Emily’s hair ~

Love this composition.

The power couple ~

Follow two are my favorites

Congratulations Emily & Thao ~

Venue: Garre Vineyard & Winery
Florist: Nicole Ha
DJ: Aaron Dalugdug
Cake: Jen’s Cake
Videographer: Nam Nguyen, Clean White Shirt
Makeup/Hair: Anne Reyes/ IBA

So sorry girls for keeping this blog idle for past week. I was busy studying for a trip to Tibet. I’ve been reading a book regarding a traveler bicycling through Tibet. So, I’ve been spending some of my spare time reading up history of Tibet and scenic tours within Tibet, Kashmir in India, and Silk road of China. I probably will be visiting India again later this year after the summer cools off. So, I am hoping to get some of the trip planning out of the way.

I so enjoy looking at Hai & Will’s wedding photos I don’t even know how to start posting them on the blog. I am going to split the photos in 3 blog posts. So, I can have some time picking the good ones to show you girls.
First, the beautiful gown ~

Hai and Will put a lot of thoughts into their wedding. There were just so many details. For example, the table names. The head table is named “Romeo and Juliet” with subtitle “… You and me babe, How ’bout it? Parents sit at table “Hero”. Guest tables have names range from “You and Me”, “Magic”, “Dreams”, “Loved”, “Beautiful”, “Time”.. etc.

Getting ready

Anne Reyes from IBA did a great job with hair and makeup for Hai

The beautiful bride ~

Hai & Will decided to meet each other before the ceremony to get some fashion shots done 🙂

Doing anything fun on the 4th of July weekend? Hy and I will be at Napa this weekend enjoying the wine country, visiting some wedding sites and of course, trying out new restaurants and bring home cases of wine 🙂 I will be posing more photos over the weekend as well. So, stay tune ~

Congratulations Hai & Will ~