I’ve known Stephanie for many years now. We attended the same fellowship together weekly for many years. Stephanie and Eric got married in our home church, a small English/Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Fremont. Hy and I got married in our home church as well. We had our ceremony at our home church, then the banquet at Mountain Winery.

So, seeing the ceremony photos of Stephanie and Eric reminds me of my own ceremony. Since our church is like a family church, we probably have a fair amount of overlap in our guests list and helpers list 🙂

This is Kevin, our in-house drummer. Like many folks in this church, he’s so multi-talented.

Maybe I am bias, our little cute church, very photogenic.

Husband and wife~

This is our church’s play ground

It’s a small playground, but fits many adults 🙂

We went to Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto for some outdoor photos.

Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Spring, full of beautiful tulips!

Banquet is at Ming’s Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto.

I gotta explain a little why I post this photos here. There’s a Chinese saying that life is filled with 4 flavors: Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy. So, back to my ‘for better and for worst‘ post, this plate symbolize the 4 flavors of life that the husband and wife would need to face together.

And of course, the plate is not only there for photo. The newly wed supposed to taste the four flavors on their wedding day 🙂 hee . .

Lastly, a ring shot. I was there that night, so my ask, Hy’s execution.

Congratulations, Stephanie & Eric!