Hy and I are finally back from our 12 days long Asia trip. We had lots of tasty food, stayed and inspired by many uniquely designed hotels in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I finally got a chance to show Hy the places I grew up. Many of my relatives, friends and ex-coworkers finally get to meet with my husband, who they’ve only get to see in pictures, in person.

Beside lots of surface stuff, in this trip, I also get in touch with my inner being; had a chance to visit many book stores; read couple books on the plane, in the train, in the hotel, even while soaking in hot springs; had deeper conversation with Hy regarding our life and future together. Coming back, I feel more alive and whole. Though, I am still trying to recover from a flu.

Of course, we’ve taken tons of photos. I am going to share with you some straight from my point and shoot camera, unedited. I know I can never be a photographer like Hy and Frank. That’s why I am not shooting your weddings and only get to blog and coordinate. But hey, imperfection is life.

First off, some dreamy sceneries.

We took trains to go around the island:

Now, some street food:

Rice Burger:

My favorite place in Taipei, book store!

Unique window display of a fitness center in one of the hotel we stayed at in Hong Kong:

Another unique design for a restaurant in Hong Kong. The same restaurant also has a location in bay area: Zen Peninsula. We’ve done couple weddings there when we just started HyStudio.

Then, some posters that draw my eyes:
This particular one is a guy that I secretly loved for past 8 years 🙂 (well, not so secret, Hy hates the guy)

And as usual, anything wedding related, I just can’t keep my eyes away ..

Lastly, my favorite man, Tristan 🙂 You will see more of him ~