June 2008

Baby Tristan & his mommy and daddy live in Taiwan. When Hy and I went visiting last month, we took some photos for the 6 months old Tristan.

The lucky boy is already in his brand name Baby Gucci shoes

This baby seat is sold around the world. I’ve seen a pink one in US.

Tristan and his round table knights.

Then Tristan shows us many of different expressions ~

I miss Tristan so much already. I will be babysitting Tristan at the Kawaii island of Haiwaii in Oct. I can’t wait.


I’ve known Stephanie for many years now. We attended the same fellowship together weekly for many years. Stephanie and Eric got married in our home church, a small English/Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Fremont. Hy and I got married in our home church as well. We had our ceremony at our home church, then the banquet at Mountain Winery.

So, seeing the ceremony photos of Stephanie and Eric reminds me of my own ceremony. Since our church is like a family church, we probably have a fair amount of overlap in our guests list and helpers list 🙂

This is Kevin, our in-house drummer. Like many folks in this church, he’s so multi-talented.

Maybe I am bias, our little cute church, very photogenic.

Husband and wife~

This is our church’s play ground

It’s a small playground, but fits many adults 🙂

We went to Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto for some outdoor photos.

Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Spring, full of beautiful tulips!

Banquet is at Ming’s Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto.

I gotta explain a little why I post this photos here. There’s a Chinese saying that life is filled with 4 flavors: Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy. So, back to my ‘for better and for worst‘ post, this plate symbolize the 4 flavors of life that the husband and wife would need to face together.

And of course, the plate is not only there for photo. The newly wed supposed to taste the four flavors on their wedding day 🙂 hee . .

Lastly, a ring shot. I was there that night, so my ask, Hy’s execution.

Congratulations, Stephanie & Eric!

On a Spring Sat. afternoon, Hy and I met Christina and Ryan at Carmel downtown for their engagement session. We bumped into Christina and Ryan at Nicole & Crystal’s Una Bella Sera at Casa Real the week before their engagement. It was always great to see familiar faces in big parties.

Even it’s already spring, it was quite a chilly day in Carmel. Regardless of the chilly weather, Christina and Ryan were excited for the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, Hy and I had dinner with the love birds. That was my favorite part, hearing the love stories, of how the couple met and fall in love.

I love the green colors of the following 2 photos.

Christina did her own makeup for this engagement session. I thought it was done by professionals!

I love Christina’s shoes! Looks great in this photo with the pink wall 🙂

This is why I love Carmel so much. It’s such a colorful town!

Congratulations Christina & Ryan. Can’t wait till your big day!

The HyStudio crew, Hy, Frank, Minling and I were invited to Nicole Ha & Amazae Special Events‘ Una Bella Sera at the new venue Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. Casa Real is a beautiful venue, both exterior and interior. I highly recommend brides to be to drop by and pay a visit if you are looking for a wedding venue.

Nicole and Crystal displayed different themes in this event. So, I arranged the photos according to their themes.

Glitz and Glamour

This beautiful designer cake is from Margaret’s French Bakery.

The Blue Diamond

Some designs for cocktail tables

Casa Real Table

This classic center piece of the yummy cake tasting table

The Amber Room

Krista Strader, looked amazing in the light and played beautiful music:

The two talented woman behind the magics: Nicole & Crystal

Last but not least, my favorite theme:

Midnight Over Marrakesh

Tent and Drapery are done by Enhanced Lighting.
Light is provided by Fantasy Sound Event Services.

Hy and I had great time in this event. We got to meet with many friends in the industry. I finally get to meet with Susanne from Cards de Luxe and Maria of PMA. I finally get to introduce Hy to Jennifer Skog. I wished I get to say hi to Tanja Lippert, I loved her work. Most importantly, Hy and I got to spend some quality time with our own wedding photographer, Philippe of Jade Studio Productions, who has been our inspiration when we started our business. Philippe even took some ‘years after’ photos for us on the spot as our 3rd wedding anniversary gift 🙂 Thanks Philippe!

I was joking to Nicole, who was our own wedding florist 3 years ago, whether she can decorate my wedding again. She said, wait until your 10th wedding anniversary. Yes, Nicole, it will be a date 😉

Hy and I are finally back from our 12 days long Asia trip. We had lots of tasty food, stayed and inspired by many uniquely designed hotels in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I finally got a chance to show Hy the places I grew up. Many of my relatives, friends and ex-coworkers finally get to meet with my husband, who they’ve only get to see in pictures, in person.

Beside lots of surface stuff, in this trip, I also get in touch with my inner being; had a chance to visit many book stores; read couple books on the plane, in the train, in the hotel, even while soaking in hot springs; had deeper conversation with Hy regarding our life and future together. Coming back, I feel more alive and whole. Though, I am still trying to recover from a flu.

Of course, we’ve taken tons of photos. I am going to share with you some straight from my point and shoot camera, unedited. I know I can never be a photographer like Hy and Frank. That’s why I am not shooting your weddings and only get to blog and coordinate. But hey, imperfection is life.

First off, some dreamy sceneries.

We took trains to go around the island:

Now, some street food:

Rice Burger:

My favorite place in Taipei, book store!

Unique window display of a fitness center in one of the hotel we stayed at in Hong Kong:

Another unique design for a restaurant in Hong Kong. The same restaurant also has a location in bay area: Zen Peninsula. We’ve done couple weddings there when we just started HyStudio.

Then, some posters that draw my eyes:
This particular one is a guy that I secretly loved for past 8 years 🙂 (well, not so secret, Hy hates the guy)

And as usual, anything wedding related, I just can’t keep my eyes away ..

Lastly, my favorite man, Tristan 🙂 You will see more of him ~