Everyone heard of 4’C’s of diamonds. No, I am not talking about diamonds, even though you are on a wedding blog site πŸ˜›

On my work days, I have meetings after meetings. Phone calls sometimes continue through the nights. Occasionally, phone rings over the weekends as well. I am always talking, in action, solving issues.

It was a very quiet day today, since I woke up till now, almost 10:30pm already, I haven’t spoken a word. It is times like this, a busy Silicon Valley woman can take some time to breath and dig deeper in her life and get in touch with her soul. As you’ve seen in past couple blogs, I’ve been awfully quiet. There were lots of pictures little words. My outer life has been surely busy, full of actions, but my inner life suffers, feeling like a drought inside. “Time to recharge”, my brain told my heart. πŸ™‚ Luckily, vacation is around the corner. I will be taking Hy to my birth place for the first time. Hy and I are both super excited on the upcoming long trip. I am looking forward for the rainfalls in my dry land.

Hy and Frank are out for a wedding at Ruby Hill Golf Club today. I am home all day. I worked on the garden, cooked 2 meals for myself, tightening up the house a little bit, and spent time on HyStudio. As summer approaches, more beautiful photos queue up in my computer. I enjoy looking through all the romantic happy moments. Not to mention, lots of beautiful photos from Nicole & Crystal’s Una Bella Sera.

“So, what’s up with the 4 C’s?” You asked. Patience girls! I will get there.

Last Sat., Hy and I had a romantic night at Carmel after an engagement photo shoot. We found this special place, Bubbly Fish Cafe, at Carmel downtown. We were looking for place to drink after having dinner with our couple. I was attracted by the 2 words subtitle the owner wisely used on their little blue square on the Carmel Map: “Indulgent Tastes”. A girl can never have enough indulgence πŸ™‚ So, Hy and I followed the map and reached a romantic little corner in the alley. A guitarist played live music in the store. There are heat lamps next to the table outside for people who were accompanied by dogs. The store served “The 4 Big C’s” among gourmands: Caviar (more than 14 verities), Champagne, Cheese and Chocolate. Hy ordered a glass of Champagne. I enjoyed Chocolate with Floral tea. We two foodies were so excited that we discovered this treat!

No blog entry goes without a photo. This is a photo from Hy’s Hawaii Big Island Wedding Trip. Looks very tropical, symbolize our adventurous upcoming vacation.