April 2008

Many people asked to see Part 2 of Christina and Phil’s e-session. Sorry for the long wait. There are just so many good ones that I have a hard time picking what to showcase.

We always encourage our brides and grooms to pick meaningful locations. Hy’s up to the challenge that whichever location(s) you pick, Hy will incorporate your personality and vibe and paint the beautiful photo that represents YOU.

Christina and Phil both attended high school in Saratoga. This town definitely is a very meaningful location for both of them. I love spring time in Saratoga. There are just so many diverse nature scenes in that little small town.

I love the cherry blossom in spring time.

This is one of my favorite photos in this e-session. I just love the framing.

Scenary here just took my breath away.

Another one of my favorite in this set. I love the angle!

Hy and I are getting more busy again as the weather warms up. We will be visiting venues. Hy will be shooting a wedding this Sat.. We are also doing last min. prep for Nicole & Crystal’s amazing bridal event Una Bella Sera. If you do attend the event, we hope to get to meet our faithful blog stalkers there. Ask Nicole or Crystal for HyStudio, they will be pointing you to our direction.


Hy and I just came back from the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom“.  We both enjoyed it.  BTW, after Hy read my blog, “Blue Mango A Go Go”, Hy ordered one for me tonight before the show.  It’s very tasty.  Check it out next time you are at Jumba Juice.

Now, back to HyStudio.  I’ve showcased our hand-crafted memory book album back in July last year. I realized that I haven’t showcased our flush mounted coffee table album. Vicky and Vincent , who got married last year at Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, just came by to pick up their album last week. Hy took some photos of the album before we hand off to them. Our flush mounted coffee table wedding album came with leather cover, aluminium cover, or a photo cover.

Our HyStudio in house album designer, Serena, does an amanzing job of album layout. Vicky and Vince incorporated their vows into their album.

We will have more product to show case upcoming. Stay tuned.

Venue: Garre Winery & Vineyard, Martinelli Center, Livermore

Last Sat., Hy and I went to a site visit for our bride who’s getting married this month. It was a very warm Sat. afternoon. After driving cross the hills to Garre Winery and Vineyard at Livermore, we both longed for some refreshing Jumba Juice.

While waiting for our Jumba Juice to be ready, I glanced over the store’s “Customer Spotlight” board.

The posting says:

Customer Spotlight: Chris XXXX
Smoothie: Power Mango A Go Go. No Pineapple Sherbet. Sub Blueberries.
Diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago, Chris is now unable to get Jamba Juice himself.
His good friend Scott comes in, ordering four power sizes on his visits.
Scott tells us that Chris can tell if the drink is made wrong at first sip.
When we first met Scott, we thought his blue mango drink was interesting and
wanted to know about him and found out about Chris.

Chris inspires us to do a little more.

Sometimes we can be so lost into our little world of busyness, especially in the Silicon Valley. It’s post like this humbles us, makes us treasuring every moment we have, and remindes us what is really important in this life.

Christina and Phil were high school sweet hearts. Toward the end of their e-session, they dropped by their high school, Saratoga High, for some very unique photos.

This really reminds me of my high school years, which is very long ago, the locker rooms, the uncertain bitter and sweet dreamy days, & that cute Japanese guy who’s locker’s not far away from mine. Good memories 🙂 I was telling Hy that I so wish I met him during my high school years.

Above are the really cool photos. There are very sweet ones that I am saving for the part II of Christina & Phil’s e-session. Stay tune ~

Congratulations Christian & Phil!

Spring is the best time for us to take a break from the weddings and focusing a little on our friends and families. Yearly, we see kids growing taller and more lady like. Hana has been in model training for couple years now. She’s a natural in front of the camera.

Hana’s little sister, Sydney, is a super cutie as well.

As the year ramp up, we have more site visits, engagement photos and wedding photos to show case up coming. Stay tune for more goodies!

“I’m doing couture table design/settings”. Nicole was full of excitment when she pinged me on IM this evening.

HyStudio is honored to be invited again to the talented wedding florist/designer Nicole Ha’s annual floral events. If you missed last years, you can view the Audrey Hepburn theme wedding Nicole did last year in our previous blog entry.

Last year, the event was amazing and Nicole was doing her business part time back then. This year, she finally having her dream come true of running her business full time, I can’t even imagine how special the event’s going to be. This year, the floral event is hosted at the hottest upcoming wedding venue in Livermore wine country: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. “My goal is to showcase the beauty of Casa Real”. Nicole stated during my late night IM interview with her.

For more details about the events, girls, check out www.unabellasera.com. Susanne at Cards De Luxe did an amazing job designing the invitation. Crystal from Amazae Events and Nicole of Nicole Ha Designs did amazing job of making this event happening for all of us. Hy and I can’t wait for this big day! Will be super duper fun! See you guys there.