For the longest wait, I am proud to present to you .. the new design of HyStudio web site. Check it out! (By the way, you will need to clear your browser cache to see the new photos under each link. If you are still seeing the old photos, you need to clear the cache. )


You would think that my designer spent a long time on this web site.

No ..

1 hour Tuesday night for the website redesign. And yes, he coded the website in 1 hour. 2 hours last night for processing the photos & pick our new cover bride. 30 min today to filter out the ones that the boss does’t want. AND make banner for the blog site so the boss can blog.

And who’s the designer? Hy πŸ™‚ the photographer who can be super efficient when he’s in the mood.

Goodbye 2007. Thank you Linda for being our cover bride for 2007.


Tis is a new era! Looking forward for more goodies to come!