Photo source: Hy – in front of Chanel at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas via my point-shoot camera.


This week has been crazy busy for me. Hy and I went to Vegas for WPPI Sunday night and came back Tuesday night. We ran into a lot of photographer peers that we knew online (via emails & blogs). Many of which started part time, now runs their business full time. It was great fun to meet our virtual friends in real life 🙂 Through the convention, Hy and I also got to pick up some great new product offerings for 2008 and beyond. Stay tune for some great products upcoming.

This Sat. afternoon, while Hy’s out shooting an engagement session, I spent time looking at 2 full weddings from Weddings On Film, one of the distinguish wedding video production company in San Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes life can be so busy, we forget why we do things we do. Looking through the wedding videos, it reminded me why I spend my time with HyStudio. Wedding touches my heart, brings me deep joy, whether it’s a friend’s wedding, a client’s wedding, or some stranger’s wedding. I just love love love weddings! The story behinds each couple intrigues me. The details in the wedding astounds me. The art work, whether it’s photos or videos, inspires me. I enjoy every bits of it.

Next week, I will be attending a friend’s wedding. I just can’t wait ~

BTW, while Hy and I are in Vegas, we found our new favorite restaurant. We had dinner at Bartolotta at Wynn’s hotel. Bartolotta specialized in fresh seafood flew in daily from the Mediterranean sea. Hy and I had a whole Turbot baked and served at our table side. The taste was so simple, fresh, and amazing. If you get to stop by Vegas, don’t miss this treat! Hy and I are definitely going back!