I am having trouble sleeping since I came back from my Asia Trip. These couple days, I couldn’t sleep till 6am and usually wake up late afternoon. And I am usually totally awake pass midnight. I’ve done many international travels in pass years, but adjusting between timezone had never been so difficult.

I was reading an article regarding Travel Tips on the IEEE magazine one of my sleepless nights. Ha .. wish I read it before I took off. Couple mistakes I made this trip were addressed in the tips 🙂

#1 Reserve your hotel early

I had some visa issue, so my dates wasn’t finalized until 2 weeks before departure. End up I had trouble reserving hotels in popular cities in India. Many of the good ones were booked by the time I looked. Luckily my contact in India has special contacts with hotel to score me a good place to stay.

#2 Pack light

I really tried .. believe me. But I had to pack for both winter fashion (was extremely cold this time of year in Taiwan) and summer fashion (was quite hot this time of year in India). At the same time, I am having 2 reunions with my high school friends and friends from my master program (I know it sounds strange, but somehow, my friends in US all decided to move somewhere else). So, I got to look hot ~ You know how those reunions are 🙂

#3 Keep your cool

I tried my best here too, not until I found out that my entire flight was canceled while I was at the Taipei airport on my way to India. I had to think fast on alternative plans in the airport. I had to rearrange my trip. I ended up applying for an emergency visa for Hong Kong; Stay unexpectedly in a hotel in Hong Kong for one night; Then flight out of Hong Kong next afternoon. However, it ended up to be a pleasant detour. I’ve never been to Hong Kong. So I took the chance to tour the city in the morning.

#4 Plan for craziness before and after the trip

This is something I didn’t do at all. Yikes, that’s why I ended up having to work weekends to catch up emails and work now. Since i was out for close to 3 weeks, work has piled UP for month of Feb. Just like the photo below, a pile of grass waiting for me to chew .. I’ve been chewing, but the pile is still high …


I’ve learned my lessons. Hopefully by reading from my mistake, you can also become a smarter business traveler! Have a fun and productive week girls ~ I know I need to have a productive one 🙂