March 2008

This Sat., Hy and I attended one of our friend’s wedding. The couple stopped by Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto. The spring rain brought out beautiful flowers. The wedding parties were surrounded by tulips and daffodils in the garden. Spring breeze, warm sun, fragrant garden, life is sweet and colorful.


Talking about fresh start of spring, Hy and I start to have a healthier diet. Through a married couple, we discovered a great organic farm delivery service online: Farm Fresh To You. They offer fresh produce to the Saturdays’ Farmer’s Market at San Francisco Ferry Plaza Market. We started this service last week. We are really enjoying the freshness of spring. We even plan to attend the farm tour in May!

On the same topic, Hy has been doing great garden work this winter. I start to see tulips, lily, roses, orchid, cherry blossom & fresh lemons in our backyard this spring. I can’t wait to see the sun flower coming out this summer. I will definitely post some sun flower photos this summer.

Congratulations Stephanie & Eric!


For the longest wait, I am proud to present to you .. the new design of HyStudio web site. Check it out! (By the way, you will need to clear your browser cache to see the new photos under each link. If you are still seeing the old photos, you need to clear the cache. )


You would think that my designer spent a long time on this web site.

No ..

1 hour Tuesday night for the website redesign. And yes, he coded the website in 1 hour. 2 hours last night for processing the photos & pick our new cover bride. 30 min today to filter out the ones that the boss does’t want. AND make banner for the blog site so the boss can blog.

And who’s the designer? Hy 🙂 the photographer who can be super efficient when he’s in the mood.

Goodbye 2007. Thank you Linda for being our cover bride for 2007.


Tis is a new era! Looking forward for more goodies to come!

Hai came to us about this time last year through one of Hystudio’s cover couple Lynnette & Lovekesh. We always love to have referrals from our existing clients. I got to talked with Hai a lot through this past year, recommending wedding vendors and meeting her in Nicole Ha’s Annual Floral show last year.

Hai & Will chose a special location in their heart for their engagement photos, Home of SF Giants, SF AT&T Park. Hy did an amazing job capturing the essence of the family (Hai, Will and their lovely Beanie).


Spring in the city is so green and so refreshing.


Beanie in action!


Then they went to a private pier for more photos. I love how the pier set turned out! Hy also did a great job with coloring. Hy told me to look out for his colors this year, as he will have something new to impress us 🙂 I am already very happy with the colors here!






My favorite!



Lastly, Hy took some photos of Hai & Will with their steaming hot Mini.





Hai & Will are tying the knot April this year. Looking at how gorgeous the couple looks in the e-pics, I can’t wait to see them on their wedding!

Photo source: Hy – Round Top Summit, Sierra Nevada, 2003


This hymn touches me a lot this morning in our Easter Service, thought to share this with you all.

Hymn: Nothing but Blood

1.	What can wash away my sin?
	Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
	What can make me whole again?
	Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
	O precious is the flow
	that makes me white as snow;
	no other fount I know;
	nothing but the blood of Jesus. 

2.	For my pardon this I see:
	nothing but the blood of Jesus.
	For my cleansing this my plea:
	nothing but the blood of Jesus.

3.	Nothing can for sin atone:
	nothing but the blood of Jesus.
	Naught of good that I have done:
	nothing but the blood of Jesus.

4.	This is all my hope and peace:
	nothing but the blood of Jesus.
	This is all my righteousness:
	nothing but the blood of Jesus.

If you are a faithful blog reader, you probably can sense that some days, I am not as cheerful as the Annie some of you’ve met in person. I think many of you working girls can relate to that; good days and bad days from work. For the past 2 quarters, I had to face many decisions, some great decisions I’ve made, some not so great. This song particular touches me as for the wrongs I’ve done, whether at work or at home, Jesus had washed them away for me on the cross.

This morning at church, one young man in his teen got baptized. Our new pastor, Pastor Peter, mentioned, this will be the most important day in this young man’s life. Indeed, at least from my own experience. I got baptized on a Easter year of 1995. It’s indeed the most important event in my life. (Yeah.. Hy doesn’t mind me saying that our wedding is the 2nd most important event :P). Out of all goods and bads in my life, I am thankful that I get to know Jesus and he’s my Lord and my Savior.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

May you also find hope & peace in your daily life.

Happy Easter to all of you ~

Photo source: Hy – in front of Chanel at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas via my point-shoot camera.


This week has been crazy busy for me. Hy and I went to Vegas for WPPI Sunday night and came back Tuesday night. We ran into a lot of photographer peers that we knew online (via emails & blogs). Many of which started part time, now runs their business full time. It was great fun to meet our virtual friends in real life 🙂 Through the convention, Hy and I also got to pick up some great new product offerings for 2008 and beyond. Stay tune for some great products upcoming.

This Sat. afternoon, while Hy’s out shooting an engagement session, I spent time looking at 2 full weddings from Weddings On Film, one of the distinguish wedding video production company in San Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes life can be so busy, we forget why we do things we do. Looking through the wedding videos, it reminded me why I spend my time with HyStudio. Wedding touches my heart, brings me deep joy, whether it’s a friend’s wedding, a client’s wedding, or some stranger’s wedding. I just love love love weddings! The story behinds each couple intrigues me. The details in the wedding astounds me. The art work, whether it’s photos or videos, inspires me. I enjoy every bits of it.

Next week, I will be attending a friend’s wedding. I just can’t wait ~

BTW, while Hy and I are in Vegas, we found our new favorite restaurant. We had dinner at Bartolotta at Wynn’s hotel. Bartolotta specialized in fresh seafood flew in daily from the Mediterranean sea. Hy and I had a whole Turbot baked and served at our table side. The taste was so simple, fresh, and amazing. If you get to stop by Vegas, don’t miss this treat! Hy and I are definitely going back!

Beanie’s sooo cute and such a good dog in the photo session.





Stay tune to see more of Beanie 🙂

Venue: Mauna Lani Resort, Big Island , Hawaii

I’ve been wanting to showcase Danielle & Jeff’s reception for a while now. I didn’t get to do it before my long Asia trip, now that I am back, I finally had a chance to organize a bit. I wasn’t there on their big day. But I really enjoyed looking through the photos as it reminded me some great time I had couple years ago at Hawaii. This entry will have 30+ photos, because I just can’t cut them down. Enjoy girls ~

Hawaii Sunset


Because the wedding started early evening, Hy and Frank had to race with the sun snap some quick shots of the newlyweds during cocktail hours.


Nothing beats Hawaii beach sunset backdrop 🙂



Reception area at Mauna Lani Resort.


First dance




Danielle and Jeff had a small and intimate wedding. There were lots of dancing and laughters.


Ring shot






Fun line dance with the boys


The girls were cracking up


Hawaiian Dance




I really love the fire shots!







A very cool shot of the groom!



Both dads enjoyed the party as well.


One of my favorie photo out of the set!



Hy and I will be traveling a lot this year.  We are looking forward for the upcoming destination weddings.  Contact us if you or your friends are planning one.  We can definitely design some nice package together.

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