3am. I should be in bed. šŸ™‚

But after a busy day, having some personal time for myself is important. So, here I am.

This week is the Chinese New Year. Hy would object, as Hy would like to call it Vietnamese New Year šŸ˜› Since the Super Bowl Sunday, I’ve already been eating in ‘celebration’/’holiday’ mode. Starting with Chips and Salsa, Chicken Wings, Beer to Vietnamese New Year Cake (both sweet and salty) to ‘heart shape’ krispy kreme donuts. I’ve experienced ‘Multi-faceted’ celebrations. When it comes to celebration and food, the more the merrier.

Coming Friday, I would be on a plane to the first stop of my Asia trip. I will be stopping at Hong Kong, then arriving Taipei on Sunday morning. I am so very excited, as after 18 years of living in US, this will be the first time that I can experience the authentic Chinese New Year celebration in my home town again.

Following photos gave me the feeling of sailing away to the far away land. Can’t wait for this wonderful journey to begin ~


BTW, I still have 1 pending e-session and 1 wedding to show. In the mean time, Hy and I are working to rebuild our website and sample album. Many excitements upcoming in Feb. Even though I will be out of country most of the time, but I will be sure to keep the blog live and kicking. So, check back often for some of my fun ‘trip reports’. I will be going alone and take many photos. Hope my photo quality passes Hy’s high standard so you can see some of my ‘travel’ photos here on this blog ~