Another eventful day.

This morning, I had to wake up early driving to SF applying for a Visa for my upcoming Asia trip. On the way back, there were a debate on the radio about the sense of time and time management affects African nations. Some leaders believe African society should reconsider how they utilize their time. “Time is Money”, a leader started his sentence. Then he went on with his declaration.

His opponent answered “No. Time is Life!”.

How true.

When I was young, I really tired my best to squeeze my time for productive usage. I learned to multi-tasks. I managed my time carefully, as there are just so much I wanted to achieve everyday. I used to believe, time is money.

Now, with most of my time spent on working, time becomes much more precious. Time is no longer Money for me. Money can not buy my time anymore. Time for me IS LIFE. Time I can spend with Hy becomes so precious. The other day, I ran my hearts out to make the flight so I can get 1 hour extra to spend with Hy before I go to bed.

“When are you & Hy going to have kids?” My best friend from college asked when she visited from UK last Christmas. She’s a mom herself.

I looked at her with a firm answer.  “No way, my life is too full now, I don’t have time.”

“No, when you reach 40, that’s when you don’t have time.” She replied.   “You have TIME now!”

How true once again ~

Here’s today’s photo.  Like I said, today’s a long day 😉