I was browsing CinematicTouch blog site the other day while working on Alex & Caitlin’s blog entry. Then surprisingly, I found that we’ve work together with Vincent and Stephanie of Cinematic Touch earlier last year for Mai Han and Tim’s wedding. We’ve taken some shots together in Hotel Valencia of Santana Row, San Jose.

It was interesting to see their wedding through Vincent & Stephanie’s eyes. Check the video clips from CinematicTouch blog.

Now, check out Hy & Frank’s HyStudio version: http://www.hystudio.com/maihan/

I love both. How about you?

One of the most rewarding experiences for Hy and I is we get to meet amazingly talented people from different industries.


Since then, Mai Han & Tim had a baby name Preston. We will be taking some family photos for them soon. I am so excited and can’t wait to meet Preston!

BTW, Happy Anniversary upcoming Mai Han & Tim (2.10) ~