Raining day in Southern California. I forgot to pack my umbrella with me for my 2 days trip. I had to walk under the rain for 15 minutes this evening, was quite wet when I arrived the hotel.

In Feb., I will have a business trip to Asia for 15 days (just me, I don’t think Hy will be tagging alone). Will be travel to 2 countries, 2-3 cities in each country. Since some cities are not close to each other, so more flights will be required. I will be visiting 4 offices that my company has in those region. I called the travel desk of my company this morning, the lady told me she would need 2 days to research and get the itinerary together because it was quite complex. This is not the first time I travel international for business, but I will be visiting offices/countries I haven’t been to. It will be a fun trip. I just hope I don’t get sick.

On an unrelated but related topic of month of Feb. (V day), gossip from HyStudio headquarter, I can’t say much, but 2008 is a year of ‘love is in the air’ for HyStudio. So excited on what’s coming ~ 😉

While I am on this topic of traveling, folks, for those of you who’s planning a destination wedding and still seeking for photographers, talk to me. You never know what HyStudio has in store for you ~ 🙂