Broken Window


Frank called Sunday afternoon.

“Did Hy drive Hy’s car away from my company’s parking lot?”

Frank borrowed Hy’s car for about a month to practice stick shift.

“No. Why?” I asked, knowing that doesn’t sound good.

“Hm.. the car’s missing. I will inform the security of my company.” Frank answered, nervously.

“Maybe it was just tolled” I tried to comfort him.

Hy was next to me. “Why would anyone bother to steal that crappy car?” Hy thought it was tolled as well.

End up, it wasn’t tolled. The car was stolen, which marked the first case of stolen car for Frank’s company, according to the security.

It’s a pretty old and crappy car. I used that car to practice stick shift as well. The car was quite broken that during summer time, Hy needs to use hand break to break the car on the freeway because the normal foot break sometimes doesn’t work. Hy and I dated long enough that there weren’t much of romantic feeling we have with that car. There weren’t any important info on the car either. So, it was an emotionally low cost car for us to loose.

I hope whoever stole the car wouldn’t try to drive the car in hot summer day.. Cuz it would be really dangerous without knowing all the trick this car would play on the driver ..