Following are from my point & shoot camera, then with the magic touch of Hy’s post-processing.


This Sat., while Frank’s working hard on an engagement photo session in SF., Hy and I went out for a late lunch date at Los Gatos Downtown.

We had lunch at Caffe Siena. Searching on a foodie’s forum, Caffe Siena is famous for its European style Panini, bitter sweet Mocha and tiramisu. So, we had exactly that plus couple more. All are delicious. The owner’s super friendly. Give the caffe a try next time you are around the area, tell the owner Hy and Annie of HyStudio send you.


After lunch, I scored a private photo session. Well, the truth is, the surrounding was beautiful and Hy needed someone in the frame. Regardless, I enjoy the attention I got and I loved the photos.


While walking into residential area up hills, 2 little boys were walking down hills toward us. One little boy kept on looking at me, looking at me while he walked, without looking at the road, then he tripped. I was like .. “ohhhh….” I felt so bad…. But after he got up and no harmed done .. I realized what just happened .. “hee .. i am over 30, and still got it .. ” I told Hy that. Hy shook his head and said .. “you think too much .. ”

I know it’s silly, but when you are over 30, you will rejoice when you are asked to show id.


Ok ok, I know for those of you who wants to see wedding photos, I promise next post is going to be a wedding 🙂 Stay tune ~