Tonight, I attended a house party as a Mrs. with Hy this evening. I dressed for the event this morning. When I arrived work, got some raising eyebrows. In my line of work, where there are mostly men (or boys), if you wear a skirt, you are over dressed 😛 I was apologetic and explaining to my office mate that I would be attending a dinner event with my husband.

When the host’s son, a little boy, opened the door, it was eye opening. The house was so well decorated that I felt that I walked into a model home, yet, it was surrounded by candle lighting just perfectly, bringing a warm and welcoming spirit to the living room. Hy and I were led to a dinning room where most guests arrived already. The dining table was professionally setup with centerpieces and tea light candles. Hy’s friend were chatting away nibbling on artistically plated variety of horderves. The hostess, nicely dressed, coming in and out of the conversation brought out more variety of beautiful looking and tasty horderves.

While folks were chatting, I sneaked into the kitchen to chat with the hostess, on her secrets. I found out, she actually owns a restaurant business with some friends besides being a full time mom. She showed me albums of her kids’ birthday parties. She does one album per year for her kids’ birthday. She never bought food for the parties. She made all food herself. Flipping through the pages, wow, every year, different style of cakes (that she made) show cased through the photos. The food for birthday party looked like professional catered. I saw chocolate fountain one year and fruit arrangement the next, not to mention many delicious looking dishes line up for both parents and kids. There’s one year, she made small individual cakes with a candle for all the kids attending her son’s birthday party. She told me, since all the kids want to blow candles, so she made each kid their little personal cake with candle, so her son can enjoy the candles on the big cake himself.

Dinner was exceptional with great pairing wine and ended with freshly home made cold dessert fruits/jello/tapioca mixer drinks. Because we were so full after dinner, Hy and I packed home the dessert drink in those take out cups similar to Starbucks’ Frappuccino without the logo. While enjoying them at home couple hours later, I was so hooked.

In her, I saw a capable woman, living with passion and love for her family. But at the same time, never gives up her dream.

I am actually into this new show “Cashmere Mafia” on ABC this season. ABC’s version of “Sex and the City“, except the women’s background are successful high ranking women in their line of work. In these women, I saw my life, which is very different from the life of the hostess today. In today’s show, one of the woman was given a teddy bear made by her kids, when pressing on the arm, would said “I can’t talk now; I am on a conference call.” Hy was mocking that line in front of me all night long. OMG .. believe it or not, that was exact line I said to Hy probably multiple times a week, especially during those late night international calls to Asia. I am that lady, carrying my name brand handbag, walking around with a ear phone dialing into conference calls, driving to places, on taxi and rushing in and out of airport.

Being a career woman, I am aware of my life style differ from many of my married girl friends who decided to devote their life fully to the family and kids. Not sure when/whether I can make that transition. The hostess of tonight’s party was an inspiration to me. She devoted her priority to her family and kids, but at the same time, she figures out a way to live life fully without abandon her passion and dream.

Here’s today’s photo, a home. Taken by Hy at “John Oliver Cabin“.