Today at work, got this instant message. “Are you Annie of HyStudio?”

From the sender IM id, I recognized her as one of HyStudio bride in 2007.

“Hello, xxx, long time no see. How are you doing? How did you find my id?” I wrote back.

In the mean time, I did a quick search from in our employee database. Yup, she indeed joined the same ship! I was so happy we got hooked up though. We planned to have lunch soon to sync up on her life after marriage.

And then, later in the evening, I got an email from a photographer asking whether we are looking for assistant photographers. In the email, there were links to the photographer’s portfolio and personal photos. From the personal photos, again, I saw my big company logo.

Quickly query the employee database again, “Bingo”. Another fellow coworker. Who says you need Google or Spock? In my book, my employee database works magic 😉


There’s an embarrassing moment this morning. 8am, Hy pushed me on our bed. “How come you are still here?” Hy asked. “Oh no .. I missed my flight.” I had an 8:30am flight. When I finally got to work, pretending nothing unusual happens. My coworker next to me asked.. “By the way, we all know you missed the flight, cuz they announced your name couple times on the speaker in the airport.” Everyone who knows me on that flight, from director to VPs, all knew that I missed it .. Yikes ~

Why this photo, you asked?

Because I missed home .. I am blogging from a hotel room.  This is a photo Hy took from one of our trip last year.  The expression of the sheep looked like he/she is missing someone too.