Another stormy day in the bay area. The engagement session scheduled today had to be rescheduled. But I get to experience 2 ‘first’s today.

#1 Diamond Peel

After 3 crazy months of working days and nights, this afternoon, I finally had a chance to schedule a facial appointment. My facial lady recommended ‘diamond peel’ cuz I haven’t seen her for couple months and my face is a mess under her high standard. So, I tried out ‘diamond peel’ for the first time. It’s quite expensive, she told me she usually charges $100 for a session. I enjoyed the session, it was painless. Supposedly, my skin should now be looking radian, young & vibrant. I asked Hy whether my face ‘shines like diamond’, he gave me a look .. πŸ˜›

#2 Recommendation Letter for MBA Application

I wrote my first recommendation letter for a colleague for his MBA degree application. I considered applying for MBA degree myself after finishing my master degree and working for a while. However, life took different turns. HyStudio and work keep me very occupied and content. So, MBA would have to wait or maybe it would never happen. Never thought I would be writing recommendation letter for an advance degree. I am happy I can contribute to my coworker’s dream. I hope he gets in the school of his dream.

Hy just gave me 30+ photos from our trip in 2007. I will be showing you girls through out the month. This one particular is related to the stormy sky today. The photos was taken in Tennessee. A bit too gloomy to my taste, but Hy says he loves it ..


ps. after reading my blog, Hy commented “This photo doesn’t match the content of the blog”. I defended “It’s related to the stormy sky today!” “But my picture is about sunshine from the sky giving life to nature” Hy pointed at the green mountain and the radiant light peeking out of the clouds ..

Urg .. Sorry Hy … next time, you should be the blogger so I don’t abuse your photos .. haha ..