I love raining days. Last night, I stayed up working with folks oversea till 2:30am in the morning. So, this morning, I was in bed till 9:30am. It was so sweet to stay in the warm bed during cold raining days. This morning, I finally got to meet up with Kristi from Mountain Winery. She will be attending Wedding Faire at Santa Clara Convention center this weekend. If you are going, you will be seeing the Mountain Winery poster Hy created in the Mountain Winery booth.

It was quite a trip meeting up with Kristi. I was supposed to meet up with her at Mountain Winery this morning. Luckily I checked email before I leave, she dropped me an email ask me not going up there as it was too windy and storm. So, we end up meeting at Campbell downtown. Driving down 880 wasn’t so much fun, there were tree branches everywhere on the freeway. It was quite an adventure to drive around tree branches while rain are pouring down.

It’s still cold and stormy outside. I was all cozy up now in blankets in living room, zipping hot tea and writing blog posts. I so wish my life can slow down a bit so I can just enjoy the rain all day long. That will be just lovely.

Hee.. I know this picture is a bit similar to the ones I posted couple days ago. Note the color differences though. I love Hy’s color pallet.