January 2008

Tonight, when I got back from my 2 days business trip, there was this letter (below) on the kitchen counter. For those of you who had followed this blog for a while, you probably notice that I worked super hard and worked super long hours. Hy and I both thought I got paid ok, until we got this letter ..


BTW, Hy did the underlying and handwriting .. and of course, he took this non-artistic photo too .. .

Since this is our company’s annual compensation review period, Hy suggested I bring this letter and wear some clothe with holes to show my boss that I need a raise. Yup, I am just going to do that ~


Caitlin and Alex had a second day tea ceremony in Sacramento. After the tea ceremony, Hy took the opportunity to do some day after photos with the newlywed at the State Capital. Videographers, Vincent and Stephanie, from Cinematic Touch tagged along.



I love the classic black and whites



This is my favorite photo out of the bunch.





Lastly, the ring shots ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations Caitlin & Alex ~

Booking a Day-After photo session is always a great way of capturing the joy of newlywed right after your big day, most importantly, an excuse of wearing your gown again worry free of getting dirty.ย  Regarding the gown, “trash the dress” session are now getting really popular.ย  Getting down and dirty with your be-loved gown before sending it for cleaning is another fun way to spend the day with your gown while you are still in the best shape! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  ok ok . ., I am talking about myself, my wedding day was my best shape.ย  Now, it’s just too hard to say no to yummy food.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€


Raining day in Southern California. I forgot to pack my umbrella with me for my 2 days trip. I had to walk under the rain for 15 minutes this evening, was quite wet when I arrived the hotel.

In Feb., I will have a business trip to Asia for 15 days (just me, I don’t think Hy will be tagging alone). Will be travel to 2 countries, 2-3 cities in each country. Since some cities are not close to each other, so more flights will be required. I will be visiting 4 offices that my company has in those region. I called the travel desk of my company this morning, the lady told me she would need 2 days to research and get the itinerary together because it was quite complex. This is not the first time I travel international for business, but I will be visiting offices/countries I haven’t been to. It will be a fun trip. I just hope I don’t get sick.

On an unrelated but related topic of month of Feb. (V day), gossip from HyStudio headquarter, I can’t say much, but 2008 is a year of ‘love is in the air’ for HyStudio. So excited on what’s coming ~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

While I am on this topic of traveling, folks, for those of you who’s planning a destination wedding and still seeking for photographers, talk to me. You never know what HyStudio has in store for you ~ ๐Ÿ™‚

Broken Window


Frank called Sunday afternoon.

“Did Hy drive Hy’s car away from my company’s parking lot?”

Frank borrowed Hy’s car for about a month to practice stick shift.

“No. Why?” I asked, knowing that doesn’t sound good.

“Hm.. the car’s missing. I will inform the security of my company.” Frank answered, nervously.

“Maybe it was just tolled” I tried to comfort him.

Hy was next to me. “Why would anyone bother to steal that crappy car?” Hy thought it was tolled as well.

End up, it wasn’t tolled. The car was stolen, which marked the first case of stolen car for Frank’s company, according to the security.

It’s a pretty old and crappy car. I used that car to practice stick shift as well. The car was quite broken that during summer time, Hy needs to use hand break to break the car on the freeway because the normal foot break sometimes doesn’t work. Hy and I dated long enough that there weren’t much of romantic feeling we have with that car. There weren’t any important info on the car either. So, it was an emotionally low cost car for us to loose.

I hope whoever stole the car wouldn’t try to drive the car in hot summer day.. Cuz it would be really dangerous without knowing all the trick this car would play on the driver ..

Venue: San Jose Scottish Rite Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal of Amazae Special Events
Makeup/Hair: Jonathan Nguyen
Florist: Duc Quach of Flower Decor
Lighting/Rentals: Natti Pierce of NATT

Caitlin wanted to incorporate she and Alex’s background culture into the wedding. Last post, we saw Buddhist ceremony and Lion dance. Today, I will be showcasing the details.

First of, the culture of Chinese/Vietnamese/West was well demonstrated in 3 gown Caitlin wore throughout the day.

I love the detail of Caitlin’s wedding gown. It looked great hanging and looked amazing on her.




I love this shoe shot ~


I love Caitin’s hairdo. Jonathan did an amazing job. This is the 2nd time we worked with Jonathan. Our first time was with Mai Han & Tim’s wedding early 2007. BTW, we will be photographing Mai Han & Tim’s baby in couple months ๐Ÿ™‚


Classic shoes under veil shot ~


I love the back of the gown too.



Bridal bouquet close up.



Into the reception, I love the details of plate decor.








Lighting done at the reception was amazing.


Lanterns that changed color throughout the night.san_jose_scottish_rite_center_20080121_12.jpg

Not sure how to explain, but I just love this shot.


Lanterns in classic and elegant mode.san_jose_scottish_rite_center_20080121_14.jpg


Now the lanterns are in party mode.


The teapots were the sitting card holders, very Asian.


There were so many events and decors and vendors to coordinate during this wedding.ย  Crystal ofย  Amazae Special Events did an amazing job making sure everything happened as bride envisioned.ย  Thanks Crystal for your work so we can capture so many amazing photos.

Stay tune for ‘day-after’ photos ๐Ÿ™‚

Venue: San Jose Scottish Rite Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal of Amazae Special Events
Makeup/Hair: Jonathan Nguyen
Florist: Duc Quach of Flower Decor
Lighting/Rentals: Natti Pierce of NATT

Caitlin’s the prettiest doctor I’ve ever known. Caitlin is high school classmate of my close friend of Jenny. Hy and I are honored to get to know Caitlin and to be part of Caitlin and Alex’s big day.



Caitlin and Alex had a Buddhist ceremony. This was HyStudio’s first Buddhist wedding ceremony.




The happy couple.


Outdoor photo session.




Jonathan did an amazing job with make up and hair. I love Caitlin’s look.



Caitlin and Alex incorporated lion dance into the reception.





I love the reception lighting for the dance floor. They change color through out the night. I will show case more details tomorrow.



I absolute love Caitlin’s look in the Chinese Chi Pao. Don’t know what’s a “Chi Pao”? Here is a link.


I will show the details of this wedding coming up.

Hy and I plan to have some fun this long weekend, I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚ย  If I am lucky, maybe I will have some photos to show!

Following are from my point & shoot camera, then with the magic touch of Hy’s post-processing.


This Sat., while Frank’s working hard on an engagement photo session in SF., Hy and I went out for a late lunch date at Los Gatos Downtown.

We had lunch at Caffe Siena. Searching on a foodie’s forum, Caffe Siena is famous for its European style Panini, bitter sweet Mocha and tiramisu. So, we had exactly that plus couple more. All are delicious. The owner’s super friendly. Give the caffe a try next time you are around the area, tell the owner Hy and Annie of HyStudio send you.


After lunch, I scored a private photo session. Well, the truth is, the surrounding was beautiful and Hy needed someone in the frame. Regardless, I enjoy the attention I got and I loved the photos.


While walking into residential area up hills, 2 little boys were walking down hills toward us. One little boy kept on looking at me, looking at me while he walked, without looking at the road, then he tripped. I was like .. “ohhhh….” I felt so bad…. But after he got up and no harmed done .. I realized what just happened .. “hee .. i am over 30, and still got it .. ” I told Hy that. Hy shook his head and said .. “you think too much .. ”

I know it’s silly, but when you are over 30, you will rejoice when you are asked to show id.


Ok ok, I know for those of you who wants to see wedding photos, I promise next post is going to be a wedding ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tune ~

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