Hy went to Yosemite with Hy’s family yesterday. I taught Sunday school in the morning and spent time with my best friend from London for a late lunch. Then, laboring through the rest of night at home catching up with some work.

Hy came home very early this morning, with a camera full of joyful family photos and amazing scenery shot of Yosemite National Park. He handed me a bunch for blogging purpose. I, hopefully will be posing them through 2008. This one is my favorite.


I’ve been at home for the past 10 days. Even though I’ve been working through the holidays, these 10 days has been quite rewarding. I got to eat well & caught up with some sleep. Got lots of reading done (mostly emails). Most importantly, got to spend time at home with Hy and friends from afar.

Today, I spent some time to think about 2007, it was a very eventful and tough year for me personally; new assignments/role from work was really challenging, couple health issues that I had to suffer through(a sign of getting old) , and the latest emotional event of Hy’s mom passing. Regardless of challenges from everyday life, I was surrounded with prayers, tender cares, loving emails and encouraging notes from my dear hubby, coworkers, friends, and brides online. HyStudio was also really blessed with friendships we made and wonderful brides, grooms, and vendors that we journeyed with.

Due to challenges in 2007, I’ve been searching for books that can help to improve the short comings that I identified. Tonight, I bought couple books from Amazon. I was hoping it will provide me broader perspective and fun during my weekly business flights. My work provides Oreilly’s Safari books online, which is a wonderful tool for employees to continue to grow 24×7. So, I got a head start on readings tonight. Tonight, I learned about Shoshin.

Shoshin, which means beginner’s mind, or open mind, an essential part of many martial arts disciplines. Staying curious and open is what makes growth possible, and it requires practice to maintain that mindset. To keep learning, we have to avoid the temptation to slide into narrow, safe views of what we do.

Thinking about HyStudio, I believe the open mind set is exactly what we aim for. Looking at a list of weddings we scheduled so far in 2008, I know it will be another exciting year upcoming. We are looking forward for continuous growth with respectful vendors in our industry.

Happy New Year!