Ceremony: Private Residence, San Jose
Event Coordination: Jammin Events
Florist: Rosies and Posies Downtown Florist
Makeup: MakeupNV by Nam Vo
Hair: Tangerine Hair Studio by Cynthia Mune

Brian’s the little brother of HyStudio 2006 cover bride, Terri. We loves to photograph weddings where we get to see old clients and their families. The party is by far the hippest we’ve been to. I will show case the wedding in 2 parts. The photos here today are from the ceremony. I will show the reception photos on my next post.

Hy photographed this wedding by himself. It was fun to see different type of angels coming out of Hy.


I love this capture.


Yes. This is part of the private residence. It was beautiful.


The florist did an amazing job with color coordination.


The girls. Yeah.. work it girls 🙂


Hip party starts off with cool bride 🙂


Seriously though, I think Tammy got that high fashion look. I think that’s what Tyra would say.


HyStudio Version of “Got Milk?”


Still part of the private residence.




Ring shot 🙂 You can tell Hy loves nature.


Congratulations Tammy and Brian!

December had been a quite eventful month for Hy and I. Last Friday, I had my first not mis-dialed 911 call due to food poisoning in the hotel I stayed at for my business trip. The hotel security called 911 for me because I was going through dehydration due to series of vomiting and diarrhea. The paramedic came, I think a team of 7 or 8 big strong men, filling the room I stayed in. They asked my age, couple other questions on my theory behind my sickness, measured my blood pressure, then told me, “At your age, you will be fine. You just need to suffer through this. Drink some Gatorade, take some Advils.” .. Urg .. ok .. In the end, I did suffered through. It was painful. Since I was on business trip, I was alone. But I did pick myself up, be strong, and flew home. Lesson of the story, gotta exercise and keep my health up. Sometimes, even 911 can’t help you .. Hy was a sweet heart though, came pick me up in the airport, took care of me over the weekend. I guess I am ready for what’s coming this week. I am praying for a slow and peaceful week. So looking forward for the holidays.