Venue: Mauna Lani Resort, Big Island, Hawaii

I’ve been writing about HyStudio’s interest in destination weddings on this blog. And you never know how internet can bring people together.

Danielle left a message on one of my blog entry back in Sept this year knowing our interest in destination weddings. I contacted her and we talked on the phone about details. Danielle lived in South Cal. We didn’t get a chance to meet Danielle and Jeff until 1 day before their wedding. But by working with Danielle on the phone and through emails, I knew we will have lots of fun with the couple.

The wedding was magical for us. It was our first destination wedding to Hawaii. The boys (Hy & Frank) flew together for the first time. Danielle and Jeff had a beautiful and romantic wedding on the beach of Big Island. The wedding was small and intimate. It was a fun celebration between close family and friends.


I’ve shown Hy in action before. Picture above, you can see Frank on the left.


Beautiful sunset with palm tree.


Congratulations Danielle and Jeff. I know you two are having another banquet in South Cal today. Hope you had an amazing time.

Yes we are serious about destination weddings. Don’t be shy to contact us. Even if you are far away, we can work magics out together. Hy and I are heading off to Hawaii again in couple days. Seems like this is the Hawaii season for us 🙂