2007 has been an incredible, yet challenging year for Hy and I. Beyond the beautiful images of HyStudio, there were lots of things going on in our personal, work and family life. Regardless, it’s a year with lots of blessings beyond our imaginations.

Through the ups and downs of our daily life, we are especially thankful for all these supportive emails, cards, comments, stories you sent our way. They all meant lots to us. Thank you all for your continuous support.

So, again, no blog goes without a photo.


Hy and I came home one Sat. afternoon. We saw a package dropped at our front door.

“Did you order something?” I asked. This may surprise you, but in our household, Hy’s the one who loves to shop online pass midnight.

“No. Where is it from?” He asked.

“Shootsac !!”. I was holding the box and jumping up and down in our living room.

Then, Hy turned and gave me a really mean look. Well, well, let me explain. I LOVE LOVE shootsac. Not only about the functionality and look of it. But I also admire the genius concept and business/marketing strategy of Jessica Claire. I’ve been nagging Hy about getting HyStudio one of those begs for a long time. But Hy, being the one who’s cost conscious in our household, thinks we probably don’t need the luxury.

“I didn’t buy it. Don’t give me that look.” I try to explain to him.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to tear up the package and hold the shootsac in my hand. Then I found out it’s from our dear client Christina and James. Thanks you both for continue to be a blessing in our life. 🙂 Hy will be using it to create the next generation of beautiful images in 2008.

Girls, may you enjoy the thankful season of Thanksgiving.  Till next week.