Shir was the flower girl in our own wedding (Hy & I). She was 3 years old back then, now she’s 5. Our little girl grew up.


Hy and I invited couple families to our house last Sunday afternoon. Shir came with her brother Ron and her mommy and daddy. Hy had such a fun time playing with Shir and Emily (will show Emily’s photo tomorrow) in our backyard. And of course, Hy wouldn’t miss the chance to snap some photos. I love the fall background in our backyard 🙂



Hy and I meant to take some family photos for Shir, Ron and their parents every years since our wedding. But somehow, even when we tried really hard to schedule a session, something always came up. So, Hy took the rare opportunity for some quick shots. And we will not give up on scheduling that formal session. Hopefully we get to do this every year. 🙂


Shir’s trying to show Hy her ‘H’ shaped band-aid.




Shir wore her brother’s crocs. She has a purple one herself at home.


Shir, we love you. Hope we get to be there to watch you grow every year!