November 2007

2007 has been an incredible, yet challenging year for Hy and I. Beyond the beautiful images of HyStudio, there were lots of things going on in our personal, work and family life. Regardless, it’s a year with lots of blessings beyond our imaginations.

Through the ups and downs of our daily life, we are especially thankful for all these supportive emails, cards, comments, stories you sent our way. They all meant lots to us. Thank you all for your continuous support.

So, again, no blog goes without a photo.


Hy and I came home one Sat. afternoon. We saw a package dropped at our front door.

“Did you order something?” I asked. This may surprise you, but in our household, Hy’s the one who loves to shop online pass midnight.

“No. Where is it from?” He asked.

“Shootsac !!”. I was holding the box and jumping up and down in our living room.

Then, Hy turned and gave me a really mean look. Well, well, let me explain. I LOVE LOVE shootsac. Not only about the functionality and look of it. But I also admire the genius concept and business/marketing strategy of Jessica Claire. I’ve been nagging Hy about getting HyStudio one of those begs for a long time. But Hy, being the one who’s cost conscious in our household, thinks we probably don’t need the luxury.

“I didn’t buy it. Don’t give me that look.” I try to explain to him.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to tear up the package and hold the shootsac in my hand. Then I found out it’s from our dear client Christina and James. Thanks you both for continue to be a blessing in our life. 🙂 Hy will be using it to create the next generation of beautiful images in 2008.

Girls, may you enjoy the thankful season of Thanksgiving.  Till next week.


Frank’s getting active. Next year will be the year for him to shine. He’s taking couple weddings on by himself in 2008. I am so excited and couldn’t wait to see the amazing images he can create.

Stephanie and Eric picked the romantic town of Sausalitos and Stinson Beach as their e-session locations. I remembered taking oversea colleagues who’s on business trip to United States to Sausalitos earlier this year. Walking along the street alongside the bay, chewing salt water toffees, chatting about what we can accomplish together in 2008, zipping coffee at the local coffee shop, talking about family, next trips, we are so blessed to be around so many unique little towns around the bay.





Enjoy the holidays ~

Ceremony: Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate park
Reception: Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Milbrae
Florist: Nicole Ha Designs
Cake: Not Just Cheese Cakes

It was such a pleasure to work on Sharlene and Jason’s photo. Their wedding theme color was romantic and sweet. Fall season afternoon lighting was soft and perfect. And of course, our dear wedding vendor peer Nicole, delivered the best for the couple. Hy and Frank got it easy due to Nicole’s hard work.

First, ring shots



Bridal bouquet. I love the sweet touch of butterfly.





Program close up. No, the program doesn’t grow on the flower. I think Hy or Frank just put it there for a shot 😛   The elegant program was a wonderful collaboration between Sharlene and Susanne Wang at Cards de Luxe.   I wish I met Susanne earlier so Hy and I didn’t have to DIY.  I remembered Hy and I almost called off our wedding because we were fighting so much trying to get the program and sitting card done.  Lesson learned, girls, get professional help can really help you reduce stress level before your wedding.


S for Sharlene.


Sharlene and Jason exchanged their vows in front of the sundial, a special place in their heart. Here is the sundial decor.


Head table decor for the Chinese restaurant.





Table number and dinner menu.


Some samples of how you can fully utilize your engagement photos 🙂



Very unique and creative cake. Hy said this is Half Dome in Yosemite. Did he guess right?



Some news this week, Hy and I went to an IPO party this Friday. Woohoo .. It was our first IPO party. In silicon valley, if we are lucky, we hope to go to more of those. 🙂 It was quite fun and exciting to hear about the company story, from birth to IPO. The founders talked about the growing pain, difficult hardship they endured, validation of first customer, excitement of first product shipped and all the anxiety and patience for the road trip. Friday, they got to enjoy the sweet taste of success. The story really encourages me not to give up during hard times and continue having hope for the future.

Hy and Frank will be heading out Thanksgiving week for a wedding in Big Island Hawaii. The whole team here at HyStudio are very excited. While the boys are out, I am hoping still be able to post some photos (again.. long backlog ..). So, enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving vacation, but do check back with us during the break.

Location: Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate park
Florist: Nicole Ha Designs
Makeup Artist:Jena Perry, Lux Image Agency
Hair Artist: Debra Dietrich

Sharlene and Jason got married in the beautiful Shakespeare Garden at Golden Gate Park. They started their day with Asian ceremony at home.



Getting ready.


I just love this shot of Sharlene.


Sharlene’s sister just got engaged recently. This one is for you, Sharlene’s sister (Stacy?). Congratulations!


Sharlene and Jason knew each other since they were little kids. They used to hang out with Rev. Norman at Cameron House. And now, Rev. Norman got to be part of their big day. So special. I teach children’s Sunday school at church, little ones, 2nd and 3rd graders. When they grow up, I know I would be in tears in their wedding day.


Nicole again, did an amazing job of jazzing up the location. I love the simple and elegant decor.



I so love this particular photo. This is probably my favorite among the set.






Note different color gave totally different feelings for the following 2 photos.








Congratulations Sharlene and Jason!


This week has been a very rough week for me. I caught the nasty flu that was around the office. While physically weak, this week has been emotionally weak for me as well. I was on business trip. Being sick doesn’t really help. I had to stay at hotel room one day to recovery from my cold. Being away from Hy, away from home, and had to deal with many unforeseen challenges from work, I felt quite weak.

So, this week, the theme verse in my heart is Psalm 121: 1-2. They comforted my weary soul. Thought I shall share them with you all.


I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.”

The photo above was from our Oct trip to Smokey Mountains. Every time I look at Hy’s nature photos, they reminds me the wonder of the creator.

Hy just passed by, in cheerful mood. Hy just came back from an awesome wedding.

“Why don’t you write about me?” Hy said.

“What about you?” I asked ..

“That my soccer team won the championship last Sunday!”

“Sure .. where’s the photo?” .. I don’t think he took any .. so, there.. I did write about him, my sunny cheerful husband.

Emily was also 3 when she attended Hy and my wedding. She was one of the little kids that danced whole night on our dance floor. Emily is also 5 now.


I love fall season. Love the colors. Emily got some collected some leaves from our backyard.




The girls are busy playing in the backyard where adults are busy drinking and eating 😛 And guess what those 2 beauties are playing ??


BUGS !! I tried to stay away from them.


I am writing this blog entry from Sheraton Anaheim Hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel. There are lots of very exciting kids running around the hotel because Disney’s just next door. The hotel is built like a castle with beautiful gardens in its courtyard.  The room’s quite specious. I enjoy my stay here.  I happened to be in the area from my business trip, so it was nice to stay over the weekend with Hy.

Hy’s out photographing a wedding around the area. Surprisingly, Nov. turned out to be the busiest time for HyStudio this year. We have 2 destination weddings in this month. This weekend, we are at South Cal. Then Hy and Frank will be heading to Big Island for a wedding in couple weeks. There will be many amazing photos for me to share.

Happy Weekend ~

Shir was the flower girl in our own wedding (Hy & I). She was 3 years old back then, now she’s 5. Our little girl grew up.


Hy and I invited couple families to our house last Sunday afternoon. Shir came with her brother Ron and her mommy and daddy. Hy had such a fun time playing with Shir and Emily (will show Emily’s photo tomorrow) in our backyard. And of course, Hy wouldn’t miss the chance to snap some photos. I love the fall background in our backyard 🙂



Hy and I meant to take some family photos for Shir, Ron and their parents every years since our wedding. But somehow, even when we tried really hard to schedule a session, something always came up. So, Hy took the rare opportunity for some quick shots. And we will not give up on scheduling that formal session. Hopefully we get to do this every year. 🙂


Shir’s trying to show Hy her ‘H’ shaped band-aid.




Shir wore her brother’s crocs. She has a purple one herself at home.


Shir, we love you. Hope we get to be there to watch you grow every year!