I remembered taking Danny’s call when I was in a supermarket parking lot. Though I do give out my number during the inquiry phase, rarely would brides and grooms to-be call; most clients would exchange couple rounds of emails with questions. Danny gave me a list of in-depth questions during our conversations. I answered one by one with a shopping cart full of grocery, standing in front of my car, while other cars zooming behind me. It can really make some unique photos if Hy’s around. (No, Hy wasn’t around, Hy was out in a wedding). At that time, my impression of Danny was a groom-to-be who did a lot of study on wedding photography. Most of such study work are done by brides, so at the time, I was thinking.. “Wow, this man really cares about the wedding”.

When Hy and I finally got to meet with Danny and Huong during their first visit to our place, I can immediately see why. This man deeply loves his wife-to-be, and was trying to be involved and taking care of all the details of their special day.

For this engagement session, we traveled down to the city of Carmel, a special location for Danny and Huong. I tagged along with Hy. Hy and I had coffee at Carmel Coffee & Cocoa Bar while waiting.


Downtown Carmel was just full of colors. I love how the colors come out in the photos.


But if we strip out the color, the location gave a totally different vibe.


This is the first time Hy does a photo shoot at downtown Carmel. I am always amazed of how Hy can find and see unique places.




Then we headed to the beach. It was a very nice warm and sunny day.




Congratulations Danny and Huong!  Looking forward for the dinner together during our off season.