Hy, Frank and I attended a beautiful wedding at Thomas Fogarty Winery this morning. Our roles were complex, I as a guest of the bride, Hy and Frank working as photographers.


Fogarty was one of the location that Hy and I considered for our own wedding. We visited the site 3 years ago and last week and today. Hy snatched this shot indoor last weekend during our scout.


The vineyard was beautiful during fall season. Some of the grape leaves turned golden yellow, a color that expresses the joy of the harvest.


Today, the site was as beautiful as ever. Today’s wedding was a lunch event. The couple was really lucky as the view over the valley was so clear, no fog at all. Driving up the winding Woodside road by myself early morning was quite a ride. After getting married, I rarely have a chance to drive on winding road again, as Hy’s usually on the driver seat. It was quite fun to drive up by myself, enjoying the early morning breeze and the thrill of driving fast among the woods. Skyline Blvd over the mountain top was just breath taking. The view over the valley was magnificent.



Thomas Fogarty Winery is just a perfect venue for wedding. I can’t wait to show you what’s in Hy and Frank’s camera. Stay tuned.