It’s our first time working with McCall Weddings. After I’ve seen the outcome of the wedding, I was really intrigue. Their execution was flawless. Flower, lighting, DJ, Catering & overall decor worked so well together. I browsed their web site, trying to learn from the business perspective, why can they serve their clients so well. Then I found the About Us page. Looking through the team’s experience & background, you know they are a winning team. This makes me think about our commitments to make HyStudio a world class wedding service business, serving our brides and grooms. You, the HyStudio brides and grooms, are our focus. In order to serve you well, we need Talents who are Passionate about their work. Then, as a Team, Execute for our brides and grooms. Whether it’s preping before the photo shoots, the actually photo session, or post process the photos, we have to put in effort full heartedly to bring the best quality out of your photos. Believe or not, HyStudio is really team work. Hy and Frank pull lots of weight in bringing creative photos. Minling logs lots of hours for editorial work. Serena pulls her magic on the album design and layout. Last and not least, Hy and I oversee the post-processing end quality of the product. On top of that, if you follow this blog long enough, you probably notice, I spend lots of time thinking about HyStudio direction and development.  I know our blog readers composed of folks from the industry.  Check out McCall when you have a chance.  I would love to meet with the founder someday!

Ok, ok, I will spare you from more of these deep thoughts for your mid week break. Let’s enjoy some of the amazing detail photos from LaTanya & Robert’s wedding.

To start off, the beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown. The bridal prep was at Le Meridien San Francisco.



Simple and elegant bridal bouquet.


Hors d’oeuvres plate decor. You can see the carters really put their heart into this.


Cake by Sonya of ButterFly Cakes -well deserve the title of “the Kate Spade of wedding cakes” 🙂 Sonya designed my wedding cakes (yes I had 2 receptions) too. I love both the taste and look of my cake.



Now the breath taking reception decor


Simple, yet classic table decor


Now, focus on these following two photos. It will show you the magic of ‘lighting’. So, this first one is before lighting.


After lighting, a totally different ambiance.


Different angels of the reception hall.


Center piece details.




Thank you LaTanya and Robert, for sharing your beautiful day with us!