Let’s give a big applause to Hy. This is Hy’s first blog post. Enjoy – Annie

Talk about balancing work and life, I recently discover a secret to handle just that. I won’t go into the detail of my priority list since it may not apply to everybody. But one important discipline for me is be able to put myself as one of the top priorities in my life. Last week, I snatched a few hours after work and hiked Mission Peak. Mission Peak is just ten minutes aways from our house. At this time of the year, the grass was brown-ish but the sunset was spetacular. The heavy haze turned the horizon into an alienated planet. Despite the high living costs and busy lifestyle, it is truely a blessing to live in the Bay Area. You have access to virtually everything.

Along the way, a few mountain bikers and hikers stopped and cherished the solemn moment.





Author – Hy of HyStudio