As a working woman in the business world, this topic is a constant struggle for women around me. Many of you know that I work as an engineer/engineering manager in my day time job. I’ve came across multiple women in engineering, especially in silicon valley, ‘work and life’ balance is actually much harder problem to resolve than the technical challenges at hand. For those women who focus more on family, they miss the days when they can fully focused on solving interesting engineering issues and achieve their own personal satisfaction from work. For those women who focuses more on work, they constantly feel guilty toward their husband and their children.

I am certainly struggling between family and career, constantly. It’s lucky for me as I get to work with Hy a lot because of HyStudio. But on the other hand, I personally am very interested with my work and my industry. I found the work I am doing challenging and meaningful, well, most of the time. And ultimately, I do enjoy what I work on and find it satisfactory. I am very lucky, cuz Hy has been a very supportive husband. Hy and I grew up together. I started dating this guy since I was 20. So, watching my behavior for the past 10+ years, he knew exactly what he’s getting into before he said ‘I do’. 😉 But I am constantly reminded that life isn’t all about work, family is important. Thus the struggle. If you girls have good tips to share or are struggling on this topic as well, I would love to hear from you.

Ok, to balance off the serious topic and kick start your happy friday, here is Christina and James’ day-after slideshow. Haha.. sorry Christina, to bundle your day-after slideshow with such a serious blog entry. 😛 Hee.. but I know you are extremely hardworking girl and with all these past midnight emails we exchanged, I am sure you understand my struggles …

Now girls, enjoy ~